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How a visitor logging system can help increase workplace productivity

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on June 27, 2022


A visitor logging system is an essential tool that helps capture who is coming in and going out at your office facility. It keeps track of the visitors on site, their identity, the company they represent, who they came to visit, the purpose of coming in, contact details, time in and time out. A visitor logging system can be an important element to your workplace visitor management system, maintaining safety and security within your workplace. 

Read on to discover why a visitor logging system is important and how it can help boost productivity within your organisation. 

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Reduces employee and receptionist distractions

The simple act of being interrupted may have a profound effect on employee performance, with a mere distraction causing a roughly 20% decrease in cognitive function and a 23-minute gap before they can get back to their original level of concentration. That’s just not good for business.

If your employees are needing to constantly get out of their desks to help out visitors, this may severely hinder their productivity and ability to focus on tasks. Eliminating these distractions will not only help your employees to focus on what’s important to them but help create a seamless visitor experience for those entering your site.

Implementing a visitor logging system can allow your staff to prepare for guests so they’re not interrupted during the day. Furthermore, when you free reception staff from monitoring guest logs, it can help create space for them to work on higher-value activities. This can help your company save time and money. 

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Simplifies time and attendance management

Traditionally businesses recorded time and attendance information using paper-based systems like timesheets, time cards, or job cards. These manual processes may require a significant amount of administration work and can create room for human error. Simple mistakes in managing time and attendance could possibly be the reason an employee is not paid correctly or could leave room for time theft. This may cost your business tremendous amounts and severely hinder productivity opportunities in your workplace. 

By implementing a digital visitor logging system, you can keep track of the number of hours spent on-site by visitors, employees, and contractors. This visibility over your employee’ activities helps you estimate their effectiveness, while also helping to ensure your payroll is in check and up-to-date. Here are a few ways a digital time and attendance management system may enhance your workplace productivity:

  • Less need for manually adjusting schedules, helping you get back to more important tasks
  • Fewer employees working at odd hours, promoting work-life balance
  • More accurate payroll, showing a clearer financial picture of your business
  • Ensures all employees are working their required hours to help scale your business

Assists with the adoption of hybrid and flexible working styles 

A survey of 9,326 workers found that 83% of them preferred a hybrid working model. Furthermore, an Ergotron study of 1000 workers found that 88% of employees agree that flexibility to work from home or the office has increased job satisfaction.

That is a number that managers can’t ignore and should adjust workplace practices to. However, many of us ask the question: Can I still monitor and manage my visitors even if I am working remotely or off-site?

By implementing a visitor logging system, you won’t have to compromise on flexible working arrangements or safety and compliance. A visitor logging system can help future proof your workplace and enable your workplace to continue with flexible working arrangements, helping to enhance job satisfaction and productivity

How? Sine’s digital visitor management technology makes it possible to manage remote sites, well, remotely. The Sine mobile app allows site visitors to check in without the need to have someone else physically present to facilitate their arrival. Each time a visitor arrives at your site, your site manager will receive an alert letting them know who is in attendance and where. From there, Sine can be utilised to:

  • Track time and attendance in real-time
  • Run site inductions
  • Track physical assets 

And much more!  

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Sine is your go-to digital visitor logging system, enhancing safety and security at your workplace.

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