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Challenges facing the office of the futureHow visitor lobby software can help enable a more efficient workplace
Visitor lobby software, or lobby kiosk software, provides a platform that helps enable workplaces to streamline their visitor check-in procedures and enhance safety and security – all within the confines of their reception entrance area.
VCM Check InBest ways to prepare and welcome first-time visitors and contractors to your site
We'll look at some best practices, tips, and tools that can help businesses prepare and welcome new visitors and contractors to their site and how a visitor management system (VMS) can help facilitate this.
Honeywell SineModernize Your Workplace with Visitor Registration Solutions
We'll explore how visitor registration solutions are employed across different sectors, the benefits of going digital, and how to choose the right solution for your workplace.
people flows5 tips to create more seamless visitor flows in your workplace
A significant part of a visitor's journey when entering a new site is based on how easily they can move around, know where to go, and navigate the building. This is why ensuring seamless visitor flows is such an important part of everyday business operations as these flows can make or break your guests' first impressions of your workplace.
Blog Combatting the fear of change in the workplace copyChange management 101: Implementing new digital visitor and contractor management software into your workplace
Given the benefits of software implementation, many businesses are constantly adding new systems to their tech stack. However, if not communicated and executed well, employers adding technology to their business processes may be met with employees’ resistance to change. 
architecture g98f0b08cd_1280 e1678145687446 1200x0 c defaultUsing software as a foundation for facility efficiency
What does it mean to have an efficient facility? And how can it be monitored and measured? Here are just some of the ways software can make facilities more efficient.
blog_commercial real estate trends 1600x0 c defaultCommercial office leasing trends for 2023
Here's what we can expect to see more of in the CRE space in the coming year.
2023 facility management trends (1)The year ahead: 2023 facilities management trends
With many 2022 trends still in play, 2023 will see a continuation of tech upscaling in commercial real estate (CRE). Here are some of the facilities management trends that we can expect to see this year and beyond.
blog paperless 20236 reasons to ditch paper and go digital in 2023
Switching to a paperless office can provide a range of benefits for companies, including cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced security, and environmental benefits.
Blog What is office management softwareOffice management software: A beginner's guide
Dive into how workplace management software helps office managers organize people, projects, and productivity.  
Blog WFH Company CultureWhat is agile working?
Discover more about agile working and how it can transform your workplace
Blog HR CovidHow human resource (HR) professionals benefit from visitor management systems
Discover some of the reasons why HR can benefit from automation and why tools like a visitor management system (VMS) can make these tasks more accurate and efficient.
blog webinar libraryShort on reading time? Level up with Sine's on-demand webinars!
Discover all the latest Sine webinars below — available free, on-demand — and be sure to check out and register for our upcoming webinars!
Blog What is a visitor log bookOffice visitor policies: What you need to know
A clearly laid out office visitor policy is essential to organization, security, and visitor experience within the workplace. We explore the ins and outs of an office visitor policy below.
work15 time-consuming office tasks you can (and should) automate
Nearly every department, from the reception staff up to the C-suite, can benefit from automating certain tasks. Here are some of the tasks that businesses should consider automating.
workplace securitySecurity in the workplace: A practical guide
Discover security best practices for the future of the workplace and digital tools that can secure buildings from a variety of threats.
commercial real estate building full of workersWhat workers want: How employee workplace expectations have changed in the past 2 years
We look at how the workplace experience and employee expectations have changed over the last two years in the wake of COVID.
Blog mobile access2022 Mobile Access Control Guide for Building Owners
Dive into the details of mobile access, what it has to offer, and how it can be integrated into VMS for the most advanced building management and security.
Blog Office Wayfinding 2b 16 reasons your company needs office wayfinding tech
Learn how office wayfinding tech is part of the new generation of smart tools that help you reimagine the workplace and build the office of the future.
guest badge systemDigital visitor badges: A complete guide
Explore what visitor badges accomplish, as well as how digital guest badges may be the ultimate visitor management feature for businesses.
Hybrid work schedule illustrationThursday is the new Monday, according to hybrid work trends
When it comes to hybrid work trends, one thing is clear: no one wants to be in the office on Fridays.
guest badge systemDigital vs. Physical badges: Which does your company need?
Both physical and digital badges have their pros and cons, and below we'll look at each type to help you decide which type of badge is right for your company and its visitors.
workWhat is workflow automation, and does your company need it?
Read on to learn how workflow automation via an IWMS can be an essential time-saving and compliance tool for your company.
Office check-in systemSigns you need an office check-in system
Discover what office check-in systems can do and some of the signs your organization needs one to enhance the visitor experience while staying secure and compliant.
Blog 4 solutions VMS facilities manager4 solutions a visitor management system provides facilities managers
A visitor management system may sound like a set of tools limited to the front door or reception area, but integrations allow the investment to pay off on- and off-site
Blog Productivity tips for the officeHow a visitor logging system can help increase workplace productivity
Discover why a visitor logging system is important and how it can boost productivity within your organisation. 
Visitor Entry ProcedureHow to build and scale a workplace visitor policy
We look at what it takes to create, implement, and scale the workplace visitor policy that’s best for your building or business.
commercial real estateFeatured Read: Using IoT To Enable The Modern Workplace 
Usman Shuja, Honeywell Vice President/ General Manager of Connected Buildings, talks about how companies are using IoT to enable the modern workplace.
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