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Infographic: Visitor check in kiosks for the workplace

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on August 21, 2023

Whether it be a small primary school, hospital, office building, public or private event, or even an airport terminal, visitor check-in kiosks are becoming an increasingly relevant part of the customer experience.  

Visitor sign in kiosks can be utilized for a variety of different purposes - such as checking in to a flight, checking in to a hotel, recording registration for an event or serving as an important part of the journey for contractor and visitor management systems.  

In this blog post, we focus on how visitor check-in kiosks play a crucial part in relation to managing visitors in a workplace.  

What is a visitor check in kiosk?

A visitor check-in kiosk enables a workplace to utilize self-service practices so guests can electronically sign-in to a site by themselves without having to find or contact someone to facilitate their arrival. For companies that want to take the visitor experience to the next level without adding more administration burden to reception area staff, then a visitor check-in kiosk may be a viable solution.  

Often found in the reception or entrance area, a visitor kiosk app allows companies to streamline their people flows and reduce likelihood of congested queues - helping to free up time for administration staff to focus on more important tasks and boost the customer experience.  

A visitor sign in kiosk may also include company branding displays and includes required fields for the visitor to fill in upon check-in, such as their name, contact information, visitor type, and who they are here to see. iPad visitor kiosks can also be connected to a printer to enable instant and automatic badge printing for guests once check-in is completed. This can be worn by visitors to show key information for easy identity verification throughout your workplace.

Key features to look for when choosing a visitor check in kiosk

When implementing a visitor sign in kiosk, it is important to recognize the key capabilities that will be suitable for you and your workplace’s specific needs and requirements, namely: 

Of course, when employing a visitor management kiosk, it is also advantageous to recognize key capabilities outside of just an iPad visitor kiosk – such as a mobile app, a user-friendly web dashboard for hosts or the ability to integrate with other tools

Infographic: Check in at our visitor management kiosk

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