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Integrations to streamline your check-in

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on May 8, 2022

As a business, getting customers, clients and contractors through your doors as seamlessly as possible should be a top priority. If you’re making use of a visitor management system, it’s suggested that you make use of the integrations that come with it.

For example, if you’re looking to have all of your check-in data automatically added to contractor management proceedings, or would like to see access control made more secure, then integrations can be most effective way to do this.

Below we’ll take a look at a few essential integrations that can help streamline check-in and can give your business the vital details and information it needs to improve efficiency.

What is an integration?

From a business standpoint, integrations are supported applications or services that work with your existing visitor management system – similar to a plug-in.

When a visitor, client or contractor checks into your business, these integrations work seamlessly to provide them access to an office, or even share important events with them. Think of these integrations as a way that can help automate almost all entry and data collection and utilisation procedures.

To add, these integrations work from the outset, so long as they’re correctly added. Once you launch a visitor management system such as Sine, you can add all of your staff details, allowing them easy entry with little slowdown — keeping things moving.

Integrations to transform the check-in process

Although there are an array of Integrations making changes for all types of businesses, there are a few fundamental ones that all companies should be making use of. A few of these key Sine Integrations are outlined below, along with their best perks.

Access Control

Up first comes an integral integration suite — one that can keep check-ins safe, and moving without the need for paper. We’re glad to say that gone are the days of scouring for names and registered employees on paper sheets. With access control integrations, finding visitors or registering staff can be just a QR scan away.

All attendees and expected guests, staff and contractors are automatically added to a database, waiting to be checked in for work or an event.

  • Pre-registration on smart devices
  • Instantly find attendees, staff or visitor details
  • Do away with paper lists entirely

Sine integrates with:

  • Gallagher - Give your site an extra layer of extra security with state-of-the-art secure site and risk management, control, and access.
  • Honeywell - Manage multiple access points and automatically provision access credentials prior to arriving on site.
  • Inner Range - Provide access credentials from Inner Range’s Integriti access control system to visitors and contractors arriving on-site, during check-in through Sine.
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Contractor Management

These integrations make it possible for businesses to quickly see all essential data on contractors entering and leaving the workplace. To add, these may provide the necessary data to ensure compliance, hours worked and more, keeping everyone accountable. Contractor management integrations merge all check-in and check-out data to help keep a detailed log of all time spent on site.

In addition to these perks, contractor management integrations can enable induction sharing and site rejection, keeping site access open only to those who require it for a specific task.

  • Record all contractor information; name, check-in and checkout times
  • Approve or reject site access
  • Register accurate man-hours

Sine integrates with:

  • GreenCap - Manage contractor inductions and pre-qualifications via our GreenCap Integration. Accept or reject contractors with a message.
  • Kineo - Control compliance and see your contractor’s pre-qualifications, induction, licensing, insurances and performances.


Without a doubt, keeping filled in at all times with real-time information is a workplace essential that can’t be negotiated. Thankfully, Integrations can enable workplace notifications that can help keep all business managers, staff and contractors in the loop. You’re able to see when visitors check-in and reject or accept their registration right there and then via Slack or Microsoft Teams.

These integrations can allow for a much smoother check-in process for everyone, as real-time notifications give you the chance to approve or deny check-in in an instant, no more wait times.

  • Accept or reject check-ins in an instant
  • Receive real-time check-in notifications
  • Stay connected at all times

Sine integrates with:

  • Slack - Receive direct messages every time a visitor checks in. Create a platform in your company and be connected on the go.
  • Microsoft Teams: instantly receive messages every time a visitor checks in, with the option to accept or reject passes directly within Microsoft Teams. Keep everyone in the know, with notifications on the go!

Wi-Fi Provisioning

For businesses who share essential data via Local Area Networks or LAN networks, automation in Wi-Fi sharing can be a saving grace when it comes to efficiency. Integration through Aruba ClearPass help enable secure Wi-Fi provisioning, keeping everyone connected from the moment they step into the workplace.

Within these integrations, there's also easy way to see what staff and visitors are doing online, keeping an eye on site-wide bandwidth use.

  • Streamline Wi-Fi sharing
  • Pair check-in procedures with Wi-Fi sharing
  • Improve information sharing and internet access

Sine integrates with:

  • Aruba ClearPass - Integrate Sine with Aurba Clearpass and provide your visitors with Wi-Fi access when they check-in at your facilities.

Key Cabinets

Sine integrates with quality platforms to help simplify your key management and keep your workplace running effectively. Sine integrates with platforms such as KeyWatcher and Torus that can help provide a seamless, automated key management solution, creating a frictionless check-in experience for your visitors.

These integrations can enhance compliance from visitors and enables visibility across all visitors and keys, even with multiple sites.

Sine integrates with:

  •  KeyWatcher - Set up and maintain secure site lists for key access for multiple locations, right from your Sine web dashboard. Get secure access to electronic key cabinets with KeyWatcher on check-in.
  • Torus - Provides a simple way to manage your keys, no matter where your facilities are. Also, it gives you real-time visibility of all key transactions and their status!

Watchlists and Screening

Watchlists can be further enhanced through our integrations, available to synchronise your watchlist with screening platforms, such as Descartes MK Denial.

To add to security, MK Denial automates the audit trail by delving into an array of databases, searching for those requesting access to a worksite. All staff will be vetted effortlessly and the MK Denial integration also provides data and enough insight to block site access to specific staff members or visitors.

Descartes Integration

Other Integral Integrations

For an excellent and comprehensively automated management solution, there are a few other integrations that can be considered.

Construction Management

With an integration by Procore, workplace managers can take a company-wide view of contractor attendance and delve into real-time hourly data. To add, Procore also writes and stores hours-worked information and check-in and check-out logs, helping keep managers in the loop about when contractors arrived and left a site.


In some cases, organisations may require their visitor management systems to be as customisable a possible, and through Webhooks this is effortless. Managers are able to create custom workflows that are activated in specific circumstances and rolled out to iPad and smartphones.

Event Management

Sifting through hundreds of event registrations may be time-consuming and destroys the flow of your event. Not to mention the risk of receiving negative feedback with long and unorganized queues. With the Eventbrite integration, you can eliminate that risk and streamline your check-in process.

For each event in Eventbrite, attendees get a ticket for registration. Eventbrite automatically collects the attendee’s name, email, and phone number. It allows you to manage all of the attendance side of the events you’re hosting. Including ticketing, marketing, and attendee lists. 

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With security and entry control being a prime focus for business managers, directory integrations can be very important. Through Active Directory, you’re able to populate your entire Sine system with staff members and contractor data. This allows Sine implementation across a number of workplaces, in just a few clicks.

Through Integrations with Sine, it can be easier than ever to streamline, secure and record the check-in process for businesses of all types.

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