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Transform your contractor induction process with Sine Workflows

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on December 22, 2021

First-class workplace safety tops many companies' lists of priorities for 2022.

And it should. Inducting new staff and granting them access to your worksite always presents a safety risk, especially when every company has its own needs and its own induction workflow.

Nevertheless, despite your choice of induction, the truth is that you should give all workers and visitors specific training and collect all required documentation before work starts or before they enter your worksite.

With the Sine Pro mobile app, all inductions can be done remotely and before a worker arrives on site, creating a completely contactless induction process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is a contactless induction?

Contactless inductions present a quick and easy way of inducting contractors to your work site without having to print countless sheets of paper, waste time or require contractors to touch multiple surfaces.

The difference between traditional inductions and contactless ones is that contactless inductions are done through the Sine Pro mobile app instead of printed sheets of paper. You can create a workflow to speed the induction process and prepare your contractors even before they set foot on your worksite.

We’ve talked about how contactless inductions can help you; now let’s see how they can help your contractors.

How can digital inductions help your contractors?

A contactless induction system enables your contractors to both get access to the required workflows and complete them straight from their mobile devices. Which means that contractors no longer need to actually be on-site to complete required workflows. Freeing up time of your staff that would normally need to induct contractors and allowing them to collect all required documents prior to a contractor starting work.

Sine induction

The solution to drastically improving your induction process

With face-to-face safety inductions rapidly falling behind on the practicality front, companies have been searching for better options which allows them to automate the entire process.

A solution that enables you to set up your inductions, automatically direct people to completing them and swiftly approve them. All while completely eliminating any need to constantly follow up for the appropriate permits and access requests.

The first obvious choice is to approach a visitor management company but companies have quickly realized most of these companies don’t offer enough in terms of workflow building.

Or rather, there wasn’t until now…

Sine Workflows allows companies to completely automate their entire induction processes (among all other workflows). Meaning site inductions can be completed 24/7 with no limitations on what information is included. While also integrating these workflows with Sine’s visitor management system. Completely automating the whole process of visitor and contractor management.

Interested in hearing about how Workflows can help you upgrade your induction process? Book a demo with a Sine expert today!