Did you know that Sine integrates seamlessly with Procore to track visitor and contractor information in real time through our Manpower tool?

Sine interacts with Procore by writing visitor and contractor information gathered on check-in and check-out and translating it into Visitor and Manpower Logs.

How Sine Manpower works with Procore

Procore is a comprehensive construction management platform providing end-to-end project solutions, enabling all phases and aspects of a project to be managed through a simple cloud-based solution.

After setting a geofence for your construction site with Sine, site managers can push visitor and contractor attendance data to Procore in real-time. You can also cover safety information and induction process measures in the same check-in workflow.

Visitor types for check-in

When a person checks into Sine, Sine will map to Procore based on the Sine visitor type. Site Diary entries include:

  • Man hours register
  • Visitor Log
  • Time entry log


Map Subcontractors to ManPower in Procore

  • Capture the number of workers that is entered in the Sine Check In form to Manpower
  • Map the vendor to a desired trade contained in Procore
  • Configure the number of hours for the vendor

Map Site Visitors to the Visitor Log in Procore

  • Record the name of the visitor
  • Record the check-in time of the visit
  • Record the check-out time of the visit

Manpower entries are created once a contractor checks in and provides responses to tagged questions on a check-in form. These questions ask how many contractors are with the person, and how long they expect to be on site. With this information, Procore can calculate the total amount of man-hours allocated to the company representative. This will also fill in the Manpower entry with the representative’s name, visitor type, company name and the site name.

Visitor logs are created once a visitor at site checks out from Sine. This will use the visitor name, visitor type, company name, check-in and check-out time to create an entry within Procore’s Visitor logs.

How Procore + Sine Manpower are propelling innovation for customers

Since launching and implementing Procore onsite, paired with COVID-19 pandemic concerns, leading London-based workspace design and build company, Modus, decided it was time to migrate their onsite attendance system to something more digital.

Via Modus.space:

Working with Procore we were able to identify the perfect partner in Sine, a best-in-class visitor management system. Completely cloud-based, it is a platform that allows visitors to sign in and out using a smartphone app that is entirely contactless and something that has been so crucial to running our sites efficiently and effectively in recent times.

Sine fully integrates with Procore, so attendance records can be easily viewed and monitored in either application, which has been a huge benefit during these COVID times.

When the pandemic hit, we knew it was time to start shifting our onsite attendance system to something more digital and accessible for our team. The feedback from clients and our team has already been so positive. It has allowed us to have greater visibility over projects and to clearly evaluate resource productivity.”

– Tim White, Director of Workplace Futures Group

To integrate Sine with Procore, visit sine.co/integrations/procore

To learn more about how integrating Sine Manpower with Procore can help your company save time, stay on budget and skyrocket workplace productivity, book a free demo with a Sine expert today. You can also try Sine for free (no credit card required!) for 30 days.