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Automatically assign individually purposed key sets to verified contractors with our key cabinet management solutions.
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Efficient, automatic key management during your check-in process

Simplify key management, with automated, remote management as part of your check-in and check-out processes. The Sine Core + Torus integration makes it easy for visitors and contractors to request access during check-in.

The Sine Core + Torus integration makes it easy for visitors and contractors to request key access during check-in. You can unify your visitor and contractor experience with key requests submitted through Sine, while your team can manage and approve them from Torus. 

When visitors check-in at a SinePoint Pro kiosk or Sine Pro mobile app to request key access, it sends their information and relevant key details to Torus. On verification, the visitor is invited to check-in through Sine Core and receives a User ID and PIN via SMS or email to access Torus.  

This integration is perfect for organisations with multiple locations. The Torus dashboard allows you to manage key access remotely and ensure keys are returned before check-out.  

Key management made simple and secure with Sine Core + Torus integration. 

Torus is a secure, automated key management system that delivers significant workplace improvements in efficiency and safety. 

Torus provides a simple way to manage your keys, cards and tags, no matter where your facilities are. With the Sine Core + Torus integration, you can unify your visitor and contractor experience, with key requests submitted through Sine, while your team can directly manage and approve requests from the Torus dashboard.

Torus key cabinet

Flexible integration to suit your needs

The Sine Core + Torus integration can be configured to suit the needs of your site. Whether you require remote access requests ahead of arrival on-site, or verification that keys are returned before check-out is permitted. Key management is simple and easy with the Sine Core + Torus integration.

Restrict unauthorised access 

Only approved visitors can access a site on check-in. Torus sends a secure one-time PIN to their nominated mobile number via SMS or email, allowing them to access the key cabinet.  

Ensure keys never leave the site 

If visitors forget to return keys during check-out, they will receive a ‘Key Overdue’ alert via SMS.  

Remote key management  

Perfect for organisations with multiple locations, nationally or internationally. Torus enables remote management of each key cabinet from anywhere, anytime. It gives you real-time visibility of all key transactions and their status.  

All-in-one platform  

Your team can make fast, informed decisions with insightful Torus dashboards and reports. You can see all pending submissions in one place and accept or deny key requests with one click.  


  • Update key access via Sine Core check-in forms 
  • Grant authorised Sine Core visitors access on the go 
  • Maintain secure key access from Torus’ dashboard 
  • Easy tracking of keys requested and issued 
  • Straightforward visitor and contractor experience keeps them in the Sine Core platform 
  • Send alerts to visitors for their ID & PIN and details of keys 

To get started with the Sine Core + Torus integration at your site, please book a demo with our team.

Sine Core large or enterprise plan.

Torus Account

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