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How Multi-Tenant Buildings Can Benefit from Visitor Management Software

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on August 21, 2023

Whether it's a towering commercial complex or a shared office space, multi-tenant buildings host multiple businesses, each with its own unique set of clientele, visitors, contractors, and employees. These dynamics often present unique challenges in managing the influx of visitors and maintaining security standards.

Managing these buildings, with their endless streams of visitors, can be challenging, especially when considering security, compliance, and efficient administration. This is where a Visitor Management System (VMS) may assist.

Below, we'll explore the key benefits of implementing a visitor management system in multi-tenant buildings.

What is a multi-tenant building?

Imagine a bustling building that houses various businesses and individuals under one roof - thats a multi-tenant building. These innovative spaces have revolutionized the way we think about commercial and residential properties.

In multi-tenant buildings, you'll find various ranges of tenants. Usually, each tenant will have their own unique space but often the tenants in a multi-tenant building share common areas, facilities, and utilities. From office spaces to trendy co-working hubs, these buildings accommodate a high volume of foot traffic, therefore it is important for them to utilize smart and creative solutions to keep things running smoothly.

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How can a multi-tenant building utilize visitor management technology?

In the face of managing multi-tenant sites, facilities managers often grapple with issues such as tracking visitor movement, the need for specific tenant data to be centralized and secure, enhancing safety, and maintaining compliance with specific regulations. Visitor management systems can help provide a more streamlined solution to these challenges, bringing a host of features to simplify building management.

An efficient Visitor Management System (VMS) can do a lot more than just track entries and exits. Other features that can be customized to the specific needs of buildings include:

  • Automated Badge Printing: On visitor check-in, the VMS can promptly print badges
  • Host Notifications and Invitations: The VMS can promptly notify the host of the arrival of their visitor, improving coordination and reducing waiting times.
  • Custom Visitor Check-in Forms: Visitors can be asked to sign NDAs or agree to site terms and conditions during the check-in process
  • Branded Check-in Kiosks: The VMS can be customized to reflect the brand identity of the tenants, providing a professional and cohesive experience for visitors.
  • Mobile App for Contractors: Contractors and technicians can use a dedicated mobile app for easier check-in, access to necessary information and completion of inductions.
  • Automate Compliance Documentation Collection: The VMS can automate the collection of compliance documents such as permits to work
  • Remote Site Management: The VMS can enable hosts, through the use of a web dashboard that can be accessed remotely, to see who is checked-in and who is checked-out, to review who is expected to arrive, to accept and reject visitors, and to run reporting and analytics to streamline building management.
VMS in multi-tenant buildings

Key Benefits of Implementing a Visitor Management System for Multi-Tenant Buildings

Now that we've seen the features, let's look at how multi-tenant building managers and guests benefit from visitor management systems.

Improve site security and workplace compliance

Security and workplace compliance are generally vital for multi-tenant buildings. Unauthorized access to a building may lead to various safety and privacy concerns. A VMS can help assist with some aspects of site security such as providing a log of who has checked-in and out, printing of visitor badges, and allowing visitors to view and acknowledge site safety information upon check-in.  

A visitor management system can also help enable the tracking and identification of visitors and contractors - enhancing security measures. It may help you streamline some workplace compliance processes by automating the collection of necessary documents, such as permits to work.

A VMS may also assist you with enhancing the likelihood that visitors comply with site-specific regulations and health and safety guidelines. The system may be able to reject visitors who have not complied with necessary requirements for your workplace, thus helping you enhance the safety and security of all tenants.

Manage and Oversee Multiple or Remote Sites

A unique challenge of managing multi-tenant buildings, particularly those with multiple or remote locations, is the ability to oversee all operations seamlessly.

A VMS can centralize data and functions into one intuitive dashboard, enabling managers to oversee visitors and contractors simultaneously. This capability can help reduce the time and effort spent on managing multiple sites, allowing for more efficient use of resources and quicker response times in case of emergencies.

Create More Seamless and Memorable People Flows

The visitor experience can have a significant impact on a tenant's reputation. VMS can help play a crucial role in streamlining this experience. From the moment visitors check in, the system can provide badge printing, and host notifications, making the process smooth and leaving the visitor feeling valued.

By minimizing waiting times and unnecessary interactions, a VMS can allow for every visitor's experience to be more seamless, efficient, and pleasant.

Enhance Efficiency, Automation, and Productivity

By digitizing and automating routine tasks, a VMS can help you significantly boost operational efficiency. It can assist you with managing tasks such as document collection, induction completion, and compliance checks, which would otherwise consume valuable staff time.

Automation reduces administrative burdens, freeing up front desk staff for more critical or productive tasks. It also reduces the likelihood of human error, allowing for those necessary workplace procedures to be more accurately and consistently followed.

Tailorable Solutions and Experience for Different Tenants and Visitors

Not all tenants have the same needs, and not all visitors have the same expectations. A VMS allows for a highly customizable check-in experience that aligns with each tenant's specific requirements.

This capability, coupled with the system's ability to create branded check-in interfaces, offers every visitor a unique and personalized experience. Such a tailored experience can contribute to a more positive impression of the tenant, leading to more productive relationships and improved business outcomes.

Streamline Your Multi-Tenant Visitor Management with Sine Lobbies

Thankfully, there are a variety of different visitor management features and capabilities that can help assist tenants, facility managers and visitors of multi-tenant buildings experience some of the benefits outlined above. One of these may be Sine Lobbies - a cohesive, multi-tenant visitor management solution.

Lobbies is an add-on that can centralize multi-tenant’s visitor management system by connecting all sites to one unified lobby on the iPad check-in kiosk:

Embracing efficient visitor management systems for multi-tenant buildings

The rise of multi-tenant buildings brings with it the need for innovative, efficient, and more secure management solutions. Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor may be an indispensable tool in managing these complexities. By helping you enhance security, boost operational efficiency, and improve the visitor experience, such systems transform multi-tenant buildings into more than just shared spaces; they create hubs of productivity and innovation.

As multi-tenant buildings continue to evolve, adopting comprehensive visitor management systems is no longer optional - it's a necessity.