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Introducing Sine Lobbies—scalable multi-tenant visitor management solutions  

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on December 13, 2022

We are excited to announce the release of our newest feature, Lobbies. This powerful new addition to the Sine platform enables multi-tenant visitor management solutions. Balancing individual needs of different tenants in their Sine configuration, with a simple, cohesive end-user check-in experience. 

The challenge of multi-tenant facilities 

Modern facilities are changing. Fast. 

Tenant usage and needs have shifted in recent years. As the trend of digitization continues, building operators are expected to provide technology solutions that enhance and simplify the day-to-day experience of visitors, contractors and occupants. However, the varied regulatory environments across industries and organizations, in addition to an ever-increasing focus on the importance of data security and privacy, means there is rarely a one-size fits all visitor management configuration across all tenants. 

Inevitably, tenants are lumped together, which removes the independence of check-in forms and activity visibility, giving rise to privacy concerns. 

Multi-tenant simplified, with Lobbies 

With Lobbies, sites can now be connected across teams into one unified lobby on the iPad kiosk. All while allowing individual tenants to manage and configure their own visitor and contractor management needs. Give tenants control of their own data, so they can ensure their private data stays private. 

Whether it’s custom visitor types, check-in form content, workflow requirements or even single-sign-on and Active Directory host sync (and so much more!). Tenants can take control of their solutions to ensure they are set up for their own needs.

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Lobby directory 

The lobby directory is where you can manage the appearance of your iPad. Once tenants are added, you can easily add tenants to the home screen view—giving them pride of place on the kiosk when visitors arrive. All tenants can then be found, with a quick swipe up, in the full lobby directory.

Dealing with tenants that require more privacy? You can also hide tenants from the lobby directory where needed, so the general public can't see them from the iPad kiosk, but they can still utilise Sine for their visitor management. 

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Straightforward visitor experiences 

While Lobbies opens up the customization and flexibility that tenants need in the backend. It also streamlines the front-end check-in experience for visitors. There is no longer a need for individual kiosks per tenant, or complex check-in forms that seek to satisfy the requirements of every tenant. 

With Lobbies, visitors can approach any kiosk and select the tenant they are visiting to launch into that tenant’s check-in process. 

Now, you can set up your hardware to meet the needs of your facility, not just one kiosk per tenant. 

Sine Lobbies is the next step in multi-tenant visitor management. To learn more about Lobbies, book a demo with our team today.