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Visitor Management Software for enterprise clients

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on January 7, 2023

Large companies and complex sites have always been challenging to manage and secure. But recent events, from the COVID pandemic to the rise of workplace violence, have made monitoring buildings and their occupants even more urgent. That's why smart enterprise-level visitor management systems are now a necessity for welcoming guests at all of your locations, from the front door to the loading dock.

Enterprise clients need the best visitor management solutions

While nothing may match the friendly face at a welcome desk, visitor management software can assist enterprise clients to maintain their personal touch while enhancing security and compliance in a centralized system. For example, the Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management Enterprise Plan automates repetitive tasks and frees up time for employees. It can even help your front desk staff be more responsive to guests by eliminating the endless reams of paper and enormous filing cabinets that were once necessary for maintaining compliance information.

Whether you're protecting people, inventory, or even intellectual property, an Enterprise Plan can help you keep your office building, school, sports stadium, industrial site, hospital, construction site, or retail and commercial facility more operational and secure while dealing with high traffic and a variety of industry compliance requirements. And our experience extends globally, from Australia to New York (and everywhere in between).

The benefits of an enterprise visitor management system

For organizations with high traffic and complex compliance requirements, a modern visitor management system is crucial to keeping things running and lessening the risks of fines and problems. Our intuitive dashboard also allows managers and security personnel to check in on visitor data, change access permissions, and approve visitors at any time.

Take, for example, enterprise client Dexus, a leading Australian real estate investment trust that sought to improve the performance of guest management at premium properties like their Gateway Plaza building. By utilizing Honeywell's offerings of hardware, software, and services - Enterprise customers, like Dexus, can implement an automated system that can help improve guest comfort, safety, and convenience without disrupting the visitor experience.

For example, using Sine Core and the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) enables site officials to manage this complex facility through a single management portal, integrating commercial real estate (CRE) tools for building and energy management in addition to access and intrusion control measures.

The benefits of this Enterprise visitor management solution include:

  • Auto-reporting
  • QR code scanning
  • Visitor pre-screening
  • Physical and digital visitor badges
  • Real-time guest monitoring and management
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Check-out notifications
  • Automated notifications for guest hosts

An enterprise system also lets organizations decide to revoke access credentials after a guest leaves or speed up future access for those who enter the building often (such as delivery personnel).

These tools allow sites such as offices, schools, and construction sites the ability to enhance their security while simultaneously simplifying credential management for tenants and visitors. Afterward, these customer journeys provide data points for future access control policies, compliance reporting, and building management.

How our plan helps keep your site(s) safe

Workplace safety and security are crucial to the productivity, happiness, and retention of workers. A recent survey from HID Global showed that in 2022 a decreasing number of users (just 41%) felt that their Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) meet or exceed requirements.

An enterprise plan may include exclusive features that you can customize to meet your needs on different sites or at different times of the year and a system that's simple to use but also enough to meet your personalized needs.

enterprise software integrations

Here are just some of the perks of upgrading to an Enterprise Plan:

  • Personalized onboarding so your team is confident both setting up and using the hardware and software of a VMS.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Customized quotes based on the number of sites you have and check-ins you typically get each day.
  • Access to all our Integrations, which can include key capabilities:
    • Honeywell automatically provides access credentials and gives visitors a personalized QR code to scan in.
    • Keywatcher to set up and maintain secure site lists so that only approved entrants can gain access to your key cabinet.
    • General acccess control integrations to allow controlled access to specific floors and office spaces. (subject to availability)
    • Cm3 to manage contractor inductions and pre-qualifications online in real time.
    • Eventbrite to eliminate paper check-ins at events and use QR codes.
    • Kineo to check a contractor’s verification status, account validity, and more.

Supporting Enterprise Clients

Not only do automation and digitization tools help enterprise clients keep their people and property safe, they may also be a cost-effective solution. IMB reports that the cost of data breaches (which can just as easily occur as a result of physical security lapses) surged 13% between 2020 and 2022. However, companies with automation tools, incident response plans, and detection and response technologies save millions of dollars. Knowing who has access to your property, machines, and on-site employees may be useful to identifying risks before they become realities.

When it comes to enterprise clients who deal with multiple sites, millions of square feet, thousands of visitors a month, and confidential information, ours can be effective tools for protecting your worksite from security breaches.

Our team has the expertise and experience to protect your enterprise and keep it running smoothly.

Book a demo today to learn more about what our Enterprise Plan can do to help you protect your business.