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Geofencing in visitor management

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on May 23, 2022

Scheduling contractors’ visits and monitoring the assistance of both visitors and employees is a tough task for your front desk person, especially if you are still using sign-in sheets to keep track of their attendance. But you know what’s even worse than using sign-in sheets? Not knowing where your workers are, or if they are even still on site.

The good thing is that you don’t really have to know where they are if you know where to find them. That’s what geofencing does. It’s a GPS-based fence that establishes a perimeter around your worksite. If your visitor logs in to a visitor management app like Sine, and your geofence is activated, you gain visibility over that person. 

Simply put, a geofence lets you know who is on your site and who’s trying to enter. 

Geofences can simplify your visitor management, and chances are you don’t have to leave your post to look for a stray visitor if you activate one. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what geofences are. 

What is a geofence?

Geofencing uses technologies such as GPS and IP addresses to build custom virtual boundaries around the desired location, enabling your repeat visitors to automatically check in and check out. You can simply enable enforced check-out, which will detect when a visitor’s device has left the site’s geofence, whereby the Sine mobile app will automatically check them out. Geofencing also enables you to have full visibility over your visitors, where you can receive notifications when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with custom messages. Most importantly, this can all be done without your returning visitors laying a finger on the iPad!

See how geofencing simplifies your visitor management:

Tracking worker attendance

Geofencing is more than just a way of clocking people in and out of your worksite. Setting a geofence can help you monitor your employees’ location, and lets you know who is really on your site and who’s taking an unannounced day off.

With a geofence, you gain a clear picture of your site. It’s like an x-ray scan of your workplace, as it enables you to see details and data you would normally miss. Besides, it strengthens your workplace’s compliance, reducing costly errors due to a lack of supervision. 

With Sine’s tracking capabilities, managers can track employee’s hours down to the last second and improve your payroll by allowing employees to be automatically checked-in and out of your site.

Simple communication with everyone on site

Keeping all visitors on site informed is no longer a problem with geofencing. Users are able to receive notifications via SMS, email or push notifications through the Sine Pro mobile app, letting them know of any important updates that may occur over the course of their visit or, importantly, in the case of an emergency. Geofencing technology can also equip you to send out automatic reminders to users if they walk out of a set radius, helping to ensure their safety.

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Manning unmanned sites

Let’s say you have an unmanned worksite. That means that you don’t really know three things: who’s on your site, who’s left, and where your assets are.

Geofencing enables your front desk workers to set geographical boundaries to limit where your workers and visitors can be during work hours, and even assign different workers to different zones within your site.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Geofencing is not only a great way to gain a clear picture of your site, but it can also keep your returning visitors satisfied to know that they won’t have to go through the manual check-in process every time they enter your site. Setting a geofence will automate the check-in process for your guests whenever they have entered your pre-set perimeter.

Geofencing is also a great way to save time and processes for your visitors, where they can get straight into what they need to be doing without having to worry about informing anybody of their presence when they enter your site. 

Find out more about how Sine’s geofencing feature can help with your visitor management. Book a demo today!