Scheduling contractors’ visits and monitoring the assistance of both visitors and employees is a tough task for your front desk person, especially if you’re using sign-in sheets to keep track of their attendance. 

But you know what’s even worse than using sign-in sheets?

That cold sweat that runs down your back when you don’t know where your people are.

The good thing is that you don’t really have to know where they are if you know where to find them. 

That’s what geofencing does. It’s a GPS-based fence that establishes a perimeter around your worksite. If your visitor logs in to a visitor management app like Sine, and your geofence is activated, you gain visibility over that person. 

Simply put, a geofence lets you know who is on your site and who’s trying to enter. 

Geofences can simplify your visitor management, and chances are you don’t have to leave your post to look for a stray visitor if you activate one. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what geofences are. 

What a geofence is and why you should care about one

Think of a fence around your house. It keeps certain people out and other people in. Also, if someone crosses your fence, chances are that you’ll notice. 

A geofence is an invisible boundary around your workplace that helps you gain visibility over everything that happens within it. In the context of visitor management, a geofence helps you detect a cell phone entering an area, and triggers something in both the visitor’s and the host’s device. 

Geofencing your workplace: 3 ways a geofence simplifies your visitor management

How many times have you not heard a message broadcasted through a mall’s speakers?

If you could hear past the static and the buzz, you still feel you missed the message somehow.

Setting a geofence on your site can help you not relive that nightmare. 

When your geofence is activated, you can send clear messages to every person within the perimeter.

Here are three things a geofence can help you with:

Tracking worker attendance

Let’s get something straight: geofencing is more than just a way of clocking people in and out of your worksite. Setting a geofence can help you monitor your employees’ location, and lets you know who is really on your site and who’s taking an unannounced day off.

With a geofence, you gain a clear picture of your site. It’s like an x-ray scan of your workplace, as it enables you to see details and data you would normally miss. Besides, it strengthens your workplace’s compliance, reducing costly errors due to a lack of supervision. 

For instance, Asthma Foundation NT, one of our clients in the healthcare sector, was having issues with tracking who had actually attended their worksite. Geofencing enabled them to see who actually attended and who was taking an unofficial paid sick day. Also, setting a geofence reminded their workers to sign in and automated the process for them. 

Belcom geofencing review

“We love geofencing. Now, we can track people and identify whether they have actually attended or not.”

Donna G – Asthma Foundation NT

Showing contractors or visitors critical information

Let’s say something happened today at your site, and you had to share that information with the rest of the staff. 

How would you do it?

Sending an email or phoning someone to spread the word might work, but it’s going to take a while for everybody to know what’s happening. With a geofence, you can notify everybody on your site in real-time using a visitor management app, ensuring everybody is safe at work. 

Besides, don’t forget that communication is the key to managing a workplace.

Another one of our clients, Belcom Cables, a company with a 30,000 sq ft. warehouse, uses Sine’s geofencing feature to show their visitors important documents about safety and processes at and before check-in.

“Geofencing is a great feature, and now we can show contractors and visitors maps and pdfs with Sine.”

Michael D – Belcom Cables

Manning unmanned sites

Let’s say you have an unmanned worksite. That means that you don’t really know three things: who’s on your site, who’s left, and where your assets are.

The cool thing about a geofence is that it enables your front desk workers to set geographical boundaries to limit where your workers and visitors can be during work hours, and even assign different workers to different zones within your site.

Our client Rogers, Morris, and Grover, a law firm with an unstaffed lobby, leverages Sine’s geofence to automate their check-in process and send notifications to the hosts, automating check-in and reducing workers.

“Sine offers very nice software for our un-staffed lobby. Visitors are able to “Sine in,” and the appropriate staff are notified and can come to greet them in a timely fashion.”

Jeff H @ RMG 

Find out more about how Sine’s geofencing feature can help with your visitor and worker management here.