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3 reasons to switch to a cloud-based visitor management system

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on April 15, 2022

Do you still use paper sign-in sheets to record the visitor’s name, arrival and departure times, and who they are visiting?

Is your business still stuck with legacy IT systems used to sign-in visitors, making them queue up to enter their info?

It’s time to update your visitor management processes with a cloud-based solution that’ll not only enhance the security of your premises but also aid in creating a better visitor experience. 

IDC anticipates that cloud computing spend will grow at six times the rate of IT expenditure in 2020. Another study reveals, by 2021, cloud centres will process 95% of the workload. While conventional data systems will manage only 6%. 

So there is no denying the fact that the future is in the cloud.

But visitor management? 

Yes. Cloud-based visitor management systems offer several advantages that your organization can’t afford to ignore. Namely better privacy, more accuracy, enhanced efficiencies, and complete elimination of concerns around security and privacy without incurring sky-high costs. 

These are just some of the reasons that explain the growing need for cloud-based systems. 

But what exactly cloud computing is, and how does it impact your business? 

What does ‘cloud computing’ mean?

Cloud computing is an application-based platform that provides computing services, both hardware, and software. Its services include software, databases, networking, analytics, etc. – all via the internet. It is designed to help programmers and non-programmers alike, and it allows them to streamline their business processes. 

Furthermore, it allows you to store and access data remotely and manage your IT infrastructure smoothly. Cloud computing also enables your company to operate with increased efficiency, mobility, simplified collaboration, and cost-effectiveness

It lets your employees stay connected from anywhere, ensuring strong communication across the team. Cloud-based systems offer a feature-rich platform with the ability to store, access, and retrieve big data effectively. 

Why switch to cloud-based systems? 

Even though cloud computing has been around for a long time, the immense advancements in the data storage tool had a significant impact on businesses’ performance. It is here to stay. 

According to Forbes, nearly 83% of corporation workloads will be processed through cloud-based systems in 2020. Another study by International Data Group reveals that 69% of enterprises have already deployed the cloud services in their capacity, and about 18% plan to deploy cloud-based systems soon. 

Along the same lines, Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI) reports that firms that invest in cloud computing, flexibility, and security say a 53% higher revenue growth than their competitors. 

At its core, cloud services allow you to manage your computer-infrastructure related needs in the most impactful way. Here is a more in-depth insight into how cloud-based systems can benefit companies and why businesses are making a shift towards the cloud.

Here are several reasons why moving your visitor management solutions to the cloud might be a good idea:

1. Significant cost savings 

When companies plan to deploy a cloud-based solution, 20% of them have the initial cost concerns that keep them from making the decision. However, it is essential to understand that in the long-run, it saves you time and money. 

Cloud computing platforms can expand with your business so you don’t have to spend on costly upgrades with more employees or increased footfall. Additionally, switching to cloud-based systems significantly reduces data storage, management, and maintenance costs. 

keep data secure with a cloud based visitor management system

2. Secured data 

Cloud computing solutions mitigate security threats by ensuring that the data is protected and secured round-the-clock.

This is evident with 94% of businesses reporting improvements in security after switching to cloud-based solutions. While 91% found it easier to meet the government compliance requirements with the cloud implementation.

3. Scalability 

Traditional data systems can keep managers occupied with computer and data-related issues. They take up a big chunk of their time and attention. Often rendering them unable to concentrate on the core business functions.

On the other hand, cloud-based solutions efficiently take care of your IT infrastructure and data-related needs. This, in turn, lets you devote more time toward business’ aspects that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

This explains why, according to InformationWeek Survey, 65% of the respondents stated that the cloud’s ability and scalability to meet business requirements is the most crucial reason companies switch to cloud-based systems.

Introduction to cloud-based visitor management system

Switching to a cloud-based visitor management system can help you eradicate the concerns related to privacy, security, inefficiencies, redundant costs, and accuracy. It effectively manages the login details of your visitors and lets you get rid of the manual data entry practices.

Furthermore, all the data is securely stored and updated timely, letting you access and manage the entry-related details of visitors anytime from anywhere.

Cloud-based systems are also an affordable option that are easy to set up.

90% of the businesses depend on the cloud-based systems because of all its benefits, making this the right time to take a leap, make the switch to cloud services and stay ahead of the curve.

That’s all it takes to enjoy a highly scalable, accessible, long term, and customizable solution to your visitor’s data entry needs. 

Ready to switch to cloud-based visitor management software?

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It also facilitates contactless check-in methods, preliminary screening, and temperature checks to ensure the safety of your staff and offices. You can even access tracing logs to protect employees’ and visitors’ health and safety following the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Sine’s cloud-based visitor management software, you don’t have to fret about data protection. Uphold visitor privacy, with all your sensitive information protected by our system.

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