For companies, accurately knowing who’s on-site at any given time is one of the main reasons for introducing a digital visitor management system.

Geofencing, one of Sine’s key features, has just gotten a power-up by pairing two new, free features – Auto Check-in and Check-out – which are now available for Sine mobile app users.

Previously, Sine’s geofencing feature alerted visitors on their personal mobile device when a familiar site was nearby and asked if they wanted to be checked in. Time and time again we heard from clients that they were having difficulty ensuring visitors and contractors were checking out, causing time in attendance data to be inaccurate.

Auto Check-in and Check-out helps address the issue by making the check-in and out process at sites automatic for certain visitor types, removing their need to remember resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency.

What is Auto Check-in and Check-out?

As a site administrator, you can enable Auto Check-in and Check-out independently or in tandem at your site. Used together, these features will automate the entire process for Sine mobile app users. This will allow visitors to turn on automatic check-in on their personal device as well as allow sites to enforce automatic check out when visitors leave the site.

Auto Check-in

Once a returning mobile app user enters the geofence of an auto check-in enabled site, they are offered the opportunity to do so automatically as the same visitor type on future visits.

Auto Check-out

Companies will now have the option to enforce check out for visitors and contractors once they have left the site’s geofence. By enabling this option, when a visitor’s personal device detects they have left the site’s geofence, the Sine mobile app will automatically check them out.

What problems does Auto Check-in And Check-out solve?

There are a few key things Auto Check-in and Check-out helps improve:

More accurate analytics

Previously, visitors and contractors would forget to check out when leaving site. In this case, the user would still be shown as on-site within the Sine web dashboard. With Auto Check-Out, companies can enable ‘enforced check out’ which will check visitors out once they leave the site’s geofence. Ensuring that the people who are shown as checked in are only those who are actually on site.

Improved timesheets

Some companies have large amounts of contractors on-site at any given time. The Auto Check-in and Check-out feature allows for streamlined timesheet management by giving timestamps of when a contractor arrived on site and when they left.

For companies that use Sine but only use mobile devices instead of Sine Kiosks, this point is for you. With both Auto Check-in and Auto Check-out, your timesheets will be more accurate than ever.

Increased site safety and emergency procedures

Sometimes emergencies happen and all people on site need to be evacuated. During an emergency, it is critical that you know exactly who is on-site. If a visitor or contractor has forgotten to check out and already left the site this can create confusion. In an emergency, time is critical and best spent on helping those who are at risk and not people who aren’t.

Auto Check-in and Auto Check-out helps address this issue and helps keep your staff, visitor and contractors safe and your records up to date.

Find out how to activate Auto Check-in and Auto Check-out.