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All in one Mini

Tidy your reception with the new All-in-one Mini kiosk

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on August 1, 2019


We understand that not every reception area is the same.

Some have more space to utilise but some don’t have enough space to fit everything they need. Which is why we've turned our attention to making the most of the reception desk, rather than the whole reception itself. 

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest product, the All-in-one Mini.

A unique design to capture all your Sine hardware in one convenient and secure place, simplifying your front desk and modernising your check-in experience, no matter what size you are.

All In One Mini Kiosk

Tidy your reception with this convenient new design, allowing you to have everything in one place, all while sitting comfortably on top of your reception desk. 

The idea behind this new design is to tidy up your loose ends, discreetly housing both your iPad and printer cables through the base of the stand, with your printer no longer separate and unsecure. 

The Specs 

The All-in-one Mini weighs a total of 6.45kg including with an iPad and printer in place. Its solid weight ensures movement of the iPad screen will not affect its stability or support. 

While it’s strikingly noticeable, the All-in-one Mini comes in a compact size making it easy and convenient to place on any standard office desk. 

Here are the All-in-one Mini’s measurements are 50cm tall x 30cm wide x 25cm deep and securely houses a standard 9.7 inch iPad and either a QL810 or QL820 Brother printer.

The All-in-one Mini’s stylish design offers a creative way to protect your public-facing tablet hardware and printer. 

With a neat and tidy finish, your reception desk has never looked better!

Interested in the All-in-one Mini? Find it in our shop