We are proud to announce the release of Sine Companies, an add-on that makes it easier to manage supplier compliance documentation.

Designed as a ‘next step’ for businesses using paper forms and spreadsheets, Companies uses digitization and automation to streamline manual, time-consuming processes.

Helping you create a safer and more secure workplace

Working with third-party contractors and technicians can leave you vulnerable to financial, legal, reputational, and incident risk.

From non-compliance fines to insurance liabilities, the consequences of working with a non-compliant supplier can be substantial.

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To assist you in improving your workplace safety, security and efficiency, Companies helps you:

Streamline supplier pre-qualification and compliance document management

Request and remind suppliers to upload documents, approve or reject your supplier’s uploaded documents, and store supplier files within the Companies dashboard.

Monitor supplier inputted expiry dates and automate email reminders for expiring documents

Make it mandatory for suppliers to include expiry dates for each document that they upload. Supplier status is automatically changed to ‘disabled’ if a document is not updated when it expires.

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Connect to Workflows and Core to help you enhance safety, security, and compliance on site

When you connect Companies with Workflows and Core, you can configure the software to -

  • ‘Enable Sine Companies’ on a per Workflow basis - configure set up to block entry to site for individuals employed by entities you designate as non-compliant or unapproved suppliers.
  • ‘Allow new company’ on a per Workflow basis - keep track of contractors from new or unknown suppliers as they complete individual compliance Workflows you set up.
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Your supplier compliance documents in one centralized location

Within the Companies dashboard, you can view a list of your suppliers, their company compliance status, and the documents that have been uploaded to their file.

Accessible from anywhere, at any time, with Companies, you can:

Ready to digitize and automate supplier compliance management?

See how Companies can help you close the compliance loop and improve efficiency. Book a demo with our team today.

As you will be aware, throughout 2022 and into 2023, operating overheads have surged. This price adjustment will enable us to maintain our high standard of service and continue to invest heavily in our product.

Over the last 12 months, we have also delivered:

  • Increased platform privacy and security.
  • World class implementation and support from our Sine experts.
  • Multiple improvements to our Core visitor management solution and Workflows.

Please note that your subscriptions will not be impacted by this price change until your next renewal date.

Please also note that our Enterprise pricing plans and agreements are being handled separately on renewal and not included in this increase.

Please see price changes below

2023 Pricing final

We greatly appreciate your continued support and business. We know that you have a choice when it comes to workplace software solutions and we thank you for partnering with us.

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