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Vaccination Tracker

Simplify vaccination collection requirements and focus on the work that matters
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Streamline management of vaccination records for your workplace

Sine can help you collect proof of vaccinations and manage approvals for people entering your facility. Whether it’s self-certification and declaration, or monitoring and internal compliance reporting—Workflows can be tailored to your needs.


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Prescreen employees with Sine’s Vaccination Tracker

Simplify and digitize the collection of vaccination registration from your employees, contractors, and visitors.

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Site access

Flexible blocking strategies

Manage access to your sites, with flexible blocking strategies. Helping you maintain access policies for those who are partially or fully vaccinated in accordance with your compliance requirements.  

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Take out the heavy lifting from your site processes

Vaccination registration is just the beginning—explore the full potential of Workflows to remove the hassle of chasing qualifications and to help you keep your workforce compliance up to date, all in real-time.

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