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How Sine + Honeywell helped transform tenant experience for Dexus

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on September 8, 2022

A new solution from a longtime partner

Dexus, a leading Australian real estate investment trust with an enviable property portfolio valued at $32.1 billion, knows a thing or two about delivering quality experiences to those who utilize their spaces – whether for work, play or those who call their buildings home. As dedicated asset managers at the forefront of innovation, leaders at Dexus are constantly evaluating opportunities to improve the performance of the premium properties they operate. Which is why when tenants at their iconic Gateway Plaza building expressed an increased need for guest management automation and quicker access control, they enlisted long-time partner Honeywell and revolutionary newcomer Sine to help them fully optimize their visitor experience.

Situated in the picturesque heart of Sydney’s Central Business District and Circular Quay, Gateway at 1 Macquarie Place is a high-profile tower showcasing 46 stories and 470,000 square feet of premium space for lease. Thousands of visitors flock to Gateway Plaza monthly to take in the panoramic views of Sydney Harbor, traverse three levels of prime retail, and indulge in their modern food court with 29 eateries featuring an array of global cuisine, along with their pedestrian plaza and inner-city park.

With the improved comfort, safety and convenience of Gateway patrons top of mind, Dexus worked with Sine and Honeywell to implement an automated visitor management system to enhance site security and speed up access control with as little disruption to the visitor experience as possible.

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Unprecedented potential through product integration

Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) is an open, scalable software solution that enables site officials to manage complex facilities through a single management portal. The platform integrates a range of systems, including building and energy management, life safety, access and intrusion control and video surveillance among other tools to empower facility managers to run smarter buildings that increase comfort, enhance security and lower costs. 

Sine is a fully integrated, cross-platform workplace solution based in Adelaide that is revolutionizing the way people and assets move around facilities. Sine offers advanced technological safety features including facial recognition, auto-reporting, QR code scanning, visitor prescreening, customization and much more. 

idemia contactless hygienic biometric access control
IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ Compact devices deliver secure, frictionless and fast employee access. Gateway is the first office building in Australia to offer fully-integrated, touchless entry technology. Source: Idemia

Working together, Sine and Honeywell seamlessly integrated their solutions into Gateway Plaza’s already sophisticated entrance security measures — including IDEMIA’s Morphowave touchless fingerprint scanning technology — to elevate visitor and tenant security, speed up management automation and streamline access control

How Gateway Plaza's new access control integration works

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Frictionless, streamlined access control – at their fingertips

Now, when arriving at Gateway Plaza, visitors may swiftly check in via the SinePoint Pro app using one of the branded iPad kiosks in the lobby. Once approved, Sine requests a unique, encrypted access token for the guest from Honeywell EBI. The access token is generated, sent back to Sine and printed via QR code, which can either be printed onto a visitor badge or sent to the guest via email or SMS for convenient use on their mobile device. Sine notifies the host that their visitor has arrived, and the guest is now able to enter the building by scanning their QR code at the Morphowave biometric readers to enter. 

Honeywell EBI handles visitor access control while the guest is onsite, providing site officials with real-time information. When the visitor leaves for the day, Sine notifies the host that the guest has left the building, and Honeywell EBI automatically removes the access token from the system, so they cannot be reused – maintaining a high level of security and simplifying the credential management process for both tenants and visitors.

“With Sine, there’s no need for reception to spend time informing staff that their guest has arrived.“

Customer Technology Manager, Dexus

With solutions from Honeywell EBI and Sine, the entire visitor management process at Gateway Plaza is now fully automated with the security system and requires no concierge visits, phone calls, or access passes to complicate the visitor journey. This new process provides a unique and efficient user experience and reduces the overall wait time and the number of touch points required for guests to reach their destination. 

By incorporating Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) and Sine’s robust visitor management platform, Gateway Plaza’s upgraded guest experience set a new benchmark for future Dexus premium commercial buildings.

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