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Make the right first impression with Sine

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on September 19, 2022

Companies understand the power of a first impression when it comes to boosting their brand image. That’s why it’s critical to invest in tools that make guests and customers feel welcome as soon as – or even before – they walk in the front door.

A visitor management system can be an integral part of creating a strong brand image. Not only does it make interactions with employees easier, but effective visitor management solutions can also help be part of a memorable brand strategy if configured correctly.

Below, we’ll look at ways companies can use modern visitor management to expand brand awareness and increase their bottom line.

Create a positive visitor journey

When a customer or contractor walks into an office or onto a work site, they may look for visuals to guide them. A bland waiting room and a desk with busy reception staff is not the optimal way to take advantage of these precious first moments they have with your brand.

Companies that invest in visitor management technology can have the upper hand when it comes to building brand recognition and positive customer reception. A visitor management tool can be customized to include:

  • Easy-to-use kiosks that enable customers to check in and get the information they need
  • A sleek software interface that incorporates brand images, colors, and personalized language on check-in screens to enhance the welcome experience
  • Custom visitor badge printing with company logos
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Create custom guest communications

Visitor management software can also help companies make a good first impression and help boost brand recognition before guests even set foot on site.

Pre-visit emails that provide visitors with a warm, professional welcome to your site can be a high-impact tool to communicate your logo, brand vision, and other impressionable company branding materials. Of course, these tend to be peripheral to the content of the emails, which may include everything from facility maps, parking information, registration forms, and non-disclosure agreements.

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The ROI of a good first impression

Having a clear, consistent brand image may help first-time and repeat visitors recognize and remember your company. And when those branding materials are linked to tools that allow visitors to safely and effectively navigate your worksite, this may serve as a powerful way to make a good impression. In fact, a recent survey showed that 76% of companies polled said that adding a digital visitor management has improved visitor feedback.

A strong brand identity can help make a company more relatable and helps establish trust with visitors. Once a customer or contractor has a good visitor experience at your site, spotting a familiar logo may be all they need to remind them of the value of your work.

By incorporating your branding into your VMS, you can help humanize an otherwise automated check-in process. This can be especially powerful for companies with a strong brand voice, since the images and language can be viewed on check-in screens, badges, navigation visuals, notifications and email communications.

Boost your brand image with Sine

Sine’s digital visitor management system has aided a variety of companies in helping to boost brand perception in a positive way that old-school paper-based check-in methods probably can't.

CEMEX is one such customer. They’re a global building materials company operating in over 50 countries with thousands of guest check-ins per month, including project staff, contractors, delivery personnel, and other guests. Because these worksites can be hazardous, CEMEX requires pre-screening of anyone who comes on site and a way to alert guests and staff of emergencies.

Keeping track of thousands of visitors using paper methods was a major pain point for their company. By using Sine to streamline check-in and compliance with its specific safety regulations, CEMEX has created a branded visitor journey that communicates its priorities of safety, security and efficiency.

Nuago is another Sine customer using customized visitor management solutions to boost their brand and secure their worksites. Sine’s low-cost alternative to front desk staff has allowed the IT solutions integrator to replace their outdated sign-in books. The company now has a brand-specific digital platform that signals the company’s tech-savvy capabilities to customers the minute they walk in the door.

While visitor management systems identify visitors to office staff, it's just as important to consider how your company can help identify itself and its values to guests by branding your check-in experience.

If you'd like to learn more about Sine's approach to modernizing the visitor welcome experience, book a demo with our team today!