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From the first moment Nuago tried the two week trial period, it was a simple decision for the directors to make.


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Adelaide, AUS

From the moment we tried the trial period, it was a simple decision for myself and the directors to make. It really helps us with our visitor management and achieve our ISO certifications.
Connor O
Director of Sales

Sine was the way forward for Nuago in being able to identify visitors in the building

Nuago approached Sine with a predetermined list of needs rather than problems. As a tech company, Nuago wanted every aspect of their company to be up-to-date including their visitor and contractor management meaning they didn’t want to use the outdated sign-in book.

Another aspect was security. With their high-tech software and in house warehouse they needed to ensure that their site was safe and secure at all times. 

"There is a lot of information security that comes along with being in a high-tech company. Being able to track people who are in and out of our building, especially with our warehouse on site, is incredibly important."

Nuago needed to know who was on site and have an easy way of identifying who had previously been on site. As a company that dealt with a variety of clients, knowing and being able to easily identify new and previous check-ins was a big consideration.

"Sine has enabled Nuago to have a digital platform at our front desk that plugs a visitor directly into the person that they are at our office to see and makes for a very low-cost alternative to a physical person at the front desk. This has enabled us to gain a great capability in the business at a significantly lower cost than a traditional sign-in book with a receptionist at the front desk."

Geofencing becomes a useful feature

To suit Nuago’s check-in service needs, Sine installed the SinePoint Pro iPad in the main reception area to capture all check-ins and check-outs. 

In addition to this, Nuago takes advantage of Sine’s geofencing feature which allows them to automatically check-in and check-out visitors before they even get to the SinePoint Pro iPad. This ensures that people are always accounted for and knowledge of their whereabouts is known.

Along with the geofencing, Nuago takes advantage of photo ID badges providing an added security level for site access.

The ability to geofence their site has revolutionised their approach to visitor and contractor management. With it Nuago can now:

  • Confirm all site attendance
  • Automatically check in visitors as they enter the site
  • Communication through messages and notifications with everyone on site efficiently

They can also impress their clients by having someone at the door to greet them as Sine’s geofencing feature will alert them of their arrival.