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Improve your customer experience with Sine for exit surveys

By Nick RivettProduct Marketing Lead
Published on September 21, 2020

Customer experience can have an effect on the success of a business, which is why businesses in every industry work to make it a priority. The amount that customers spend and their loyalty in the long-term is directly related to their experience with your business.

The interesting thing about customer experience is that according to a recent study, 96% of unhappy customers don’t actually come forward to make a complaint. The majority will simply stop giving their business to whichever company they had a bad experience with.

This is problematic as businesses can see a decline in sales, but not be directly aware that it is due to a lack of great customer experience.

Customer experience feedback

Customer experience feedback includes all of the information that customers have to share about their experience with your company and its products or services. This information includes any issues they had during their experience, general insights, or positive outcomes from their interaction.

The ability to obtain customer feedback based on customer experience is essential to make productive change.

You know that customer experience can have a direct impact on your business, and that it is important. So how do you go about collecting customer feedback about their experiences? Especially when such a large majority of those customers don’t independently come forward with their feedback.

How to collect customer experience feedback

There are a number of effective methods to collect customer feedback that can help you to improve your business.

Social media

Your social media following consists of those who commonly interact with your business. This makes your platforms the perfect space for listening to what is going on.

You might try putting up a poll, or allow your audience to ask you questions through stories. You might also end your posts with a call to action requesting customer responses or input.

Customer feedback surveys

Whether it’s a quick slider survey or a longer, more traditional survey, feedback surveys are a great way to ask your customers specific questions.

Be sure to keep your customers focused by asking specific and easy to answer questions. It’s best to only include questions that are going to help you meet your goals.

Email and contact forms

Email is an effective way of gathering feedback as it’s a common form of communication that almost everyone has!

You will have more likelihood in getting customer feedback through email by keeping information organized and to the point. Set clear expectations on what you would like as a part of their response on customer experience and how they can expect to hear back from you.

Personalized responses are also useful to further engage respondents.

Customer interviews

Valuable insights can be gained by reaching out to customers directly. Learn about customer experience by conducting interviews and asking verbal questions regarding thoughts and feelings towards your brand.

Start with broad topics and get more specific as you go in order to help get more detailed answers to your questions.

On-site tools

One of the best methods for gathering customer feedback is through tools that customers can use right on site. The best part about this kind of feedback is that customers are able to express their thoughts and feelings immediately after their experience.

Sine provides a user-friendly on-site option for customers to provide feedback with our check-out forms.

Collect timely customer experience feedback with Sine

Our memory can play tricks on us at the best of times, let alone after significant customer experience. But to truly understand someone’s experience, it’s important to garner their feedback while that memory is still fresh.

With Sine, you can capture feedback from customers and visitors when it is right at the front of their mind. Literally, during their check-out from your site.

This can be a really powerful way to not only improve feedback response rates, by including it as part of every check-out form. But also, you can ensure feedback is provided while the experience is fresh, so you know their recollection is accurate.

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Setting up check-out forms with Sine

Sine check-out forms provide you with the ability to tailor check-outs with a range of response types. Set responses to ‘required’ in order to be sure that guests will give their feedback before exiting your facility.

They can respond through multiple-choice, numerical response or written answers.

To set up your check-out feedback form, simply follow the same rules for editing check-in forms. You can find all of the details on how to do so here.

Get the customer feedback you need

Sine’s customizable and easy to use check-out forms are the perfect solution to collecting information on customer experience. As a necessary step in the process, customers will be able to give valuable feedback without interruption.

If Sine check-out forms sound like the perfect way to improve customer experience, we’re ready to get started!

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