If one of the keys to the success of your business is driven by the experience your customers have when they are visiting you, then you will know that getting that visitor experience right is vital. In our current consumer-driven era, there are various things you need to think about to ensure you are delivering an exceptional customer experience to your visitors. Delivering a memorable customer experience starts as soon as your visitors walk in the front door of your workplace.

Creating a positive reception area experience can make or break your visitor’s initial perceptions of your business and its professionalism, which is why it is super important to invest in tools that can help facilitate this important part of your customer’s journey.

Usually, the reception area is the first part of your business your guests encounter and engage with, so ensuring that this experience is nothing but positive is vital in creating a positive first impression and a lasting impact on your guests.

Read on to discover how to create a positive reception area experience, along with how tools like digital visitor management systems can help enable this!

What makes a positive reception experience?

Your office entrance desk and reception area are imperative for creating and cementing a visitor’s positive first impressions of your business and physical environment. So, what exactly makes a good reception area experience?

  • A warm and welcoming front desk greeting
  • Simple and easy-to-follow check-in instructions for your visitors
  • Clear guidance on where visitors have to wait/go to
  • Appropriate and comfortable furnishings for your guests
  • Service add-ons for your guests in the waiting area, such as a cloakroom, magazines, complimentary tea, and coffee
  • Approachable staff members to seek help and guidance
  • Natural lighting in your reception area
  • A digital visitor management system…

How digital visitor management systems enhance the reception area experience

There are various small, incremental changes you can make to your office reception area to make the experience for your guests just that much more special. A digital visitor management system not only streamlines your visitor flows and creates a positive first impression, but it also help enable a modern reception area.

Read on to discover how to make a reception area more welcoming by utilizing tools like a digital visitor check-in system.

Replaces your outdated, clunky sign-in sheet in your reception waiting area

When your guests arrive at your office entrance desk, is the process for them to see who they came to visit simple and effective? Or is it cumbersome and antiquated, utilizing a tatty sign-in sheet and a generic blue pen? A visitor management system like Sine can replace your outdated paper-based check-in/welcome system with a sleek iPad kiosk. This allows your guests to sign in quickly, easily,  and efficiently – using modern and intuitive technology that is right at home within the corporate world, enabling you to notify your staff or “Hosts” via email, SMS, and push notification when their visitor arrives.

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A digital visitor management like Sine encompasses features that allow you to collect your visitor’s information – so that your front-of-house staff can deliver a warmer and friendlier welcome. This can also help them focus on your guest’s personal experience rather than on any unnecessary paperwork or locating and notifying your guests’ host. Your visitors will be impressed with a front desk reception area that is modern, professional, easy, and effective.

Reassure guests you take compliance, safety, and security seriously

Implementing a digital visitor management system in your reception area can also help reassure your visitors, contractors, and staff that you take their safety seriously through a variety of digital solutions.

Not only does a digital check-in system like Sine assist workplaces with check-in solutions such as facial recognition, visitor badges, and live dashboard reporting over who is live on-site, but can help take compliance to the next level with Workflows.

Workflows can help companies make adherence to safety and compliance procedures far easier and more streamlined. Not only does it help take the heavy lifting from your site processes, but it also helps ensure approved contractors or visitors are entering your site after completing the relevant workflow – such as completing inductions, uploading permits, SWMS, making access requests, and inspections . These solutions can help create an enhanced community feeling of safety throughout your workplace

Create a personalized, customizable experience for your visitors

Implementing a digital visitor management system like Sine can help ensure you won’t have to compromise convenience over offering a tailored experience to each one of your visitors throughout and even beyond the office front desk.

For instance, the Fast Track feature allows you to invite and pre-fill the details of your visitors right from the web, including their first name, email, and which Host they are visiting. An automatic email (with the option to customize the message to the guest) is sent to the visitor containing a unique 6-digit pin and QR code which is scanned or entered upon arrival to fast track their check-in. You can even take this customizable experience to the next level by pre-printing your visitor’s badge prior to their arrival, helping to not only create a seamless visitor experience, but to ensure your invited guests are being taken care of.

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