If one of the keys to the success of your business is driven by the experience your customers have when they are visiting you, then you will know that getting that visitor experience right is absolutely vital. In our current consumer-driven era there are three key things you need to think about in order to ensure you are delivering your visitors an exceptional customer experience; effectiveness, ease and emotion.

When your guests walk through your door, is the process for them to get to see whom it is they want to see simple and effective? Or is it cumbersome and antiquated, utilising a tatty sign-in sheet and a generic blue pen? Sine’s visitor management software can replace your outdated paper-based check-in/welcome system with a sleek iPad, allowing your guests to sign-in quickly, easily and efficiently using modern and intuitive technology that is right at home within the corporate world. This means that Sine can look after the details and collect your visitor’s information so that your front of house staff can deliver a warmer and friendlier welcome, focusing on your guest’s personal experience rather than on any necessary paperwork or locating and notifying your guests’ host. Your visitors will be impressed with a welcome that is modern, professional, easy and effective.

Even more impressive is that Sine can make it easier for your frequent visitors to announce their arrival. With the Sine smart phone app, which is free to download from the App Store or from Google Play, your guests can sign in using their mobile phone. With the option to either ‘sine’ in, scan in or tap in using NFC, the Sine smart phone app will save your frequent visitors even more time and will make their experience of visiting your office that much easier, that much simpler, and that much better.

It doesn’t just stop there though. You may have installed Sine’s software in your workplace and your guests are now receiving a more effective, easy and satisfying front desk experience. But how can you make it even better? Another important feature of Sine’s software is that it can help you to find out what your visitors really think of you by asking them for feedback. After all, wouldn’t it be for the best if your attempts to improve your guest’s experience were actually guided by the very people who you are trying to improve the experience for? Sine’s smart-phone app can identify when your visitors leave your premises. It can then deliver to them a mini-survey requesting feedback on their visitor experience. With this function you can ask your visitors how easy they found it to interact with you, how likely they are to recommend your services or product to someone else after their recent experience with you or if there are any areas in which they feel you could improve their experience. The mini-survey is completely customisable and can ask your visitors exactly what you need to know so that you can continue to improve upon the experience your guests have when they visit your premises.

To create a better reception experience and to deliver a customer experience that is effective, easy and enjoyable every time, talk to us today about how Sine could improve your front desk.