Workers who feel safe on the job are more likely to be productive. Yet, across the world, 68% of workers report feeling unsafe. Equally, students who feel safe in their schools feel more connected, have better emotional health, and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. But only 55% of students feel safe on school property.

Some of these dangers are internal to the worksites and schools, but we’ve seen an alarming number of violent incidents instigated by people who were not supposed to be on these sites. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly necessary to implement new safety systems for visitor management. Installing a visitor management system (VMS) is one important step organizations can take to protect their offices, hospitals/clinics/healthcare facilities, job sites, and campuses.

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How a VMS enhances safety at worksites and schools

We can scarcely read the news without hearing about a safety crisis or new security threat. But we can’t live in constant fear or be vigilant 24/7 and still expect to work and learn. That’s where workplace management solutions like a VMS and their related technologies come in.

An automated visitor management system, such as Sine’s, can help prevent a safety crisis in several ways. Each customer can design their own system based on customized risk analysis, but in general, a VMS can:

  • Increase awareness of who is on site
  • Store entry data to the cloud to analyze entry and movement patterns to help plan for future security measures
  • Provide tools to alert everyone on site of an emergency in real-time, whether the threat comes from fires and floods or intruders
  • Create ID badges so people on-site can immediately identify guests
  • Require guests to pre-register so all visitors can be vetted in advance
  • Block the entrance of anyone who does not have permission to be on site
  • Allow for remote management of site entry so a reception area does not require staff, which can be especially helpful during public health emergencies when risks such as viral transmission are high
  • Help manage people flow during pandemics to ensure appropriate social distancing
  • Collect information on who enters a site in case of a security breach or the need for contact tracing
  • Aid in the collection of liability waivers and non-disclosure documents
  • Regulate the movement of guests so that they do not enter dangerous areas or rooms with sensitive or valuable equipment
  • Act as a deterrent for those planning dangerous or illegal acts
  • Help execute an emergency evacuation plan
  • Use high-resolution video monitoring and facial recognition to confirm the identities of people trying to gain access to a site
  • Help facilities show compliance with visitor entry requirements and public health mandates

In other words, a digital VMS helps people in your building and on your property concentrate on what matters instead of worrying about security risks.

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Using a VMS during a safety crisis or emergency

A visitor management platform can help get your people to safety when the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. But it’s crucial to train building occupants in an emergency evacuation plan so they have a general sense of what to do, where to go, and what kind of alerts they can expect depending on the threat.

Using a VMS to track the number and location of people on site can help you ensure that everyone gets to safety in time. Sine’s solution can even be augmented with geofencing to send real-time alerts to everyone within a specific set of boundaries. It can also help you customize emergency messages to provide any extra assistance to those with disabilities, such as evacuation diagrams that include alternate safety routes for those with mobility issues.

When the immediate threat has passed, Sine also offers a retrospective look at incident reporting. This allows site managers to leverage data for actionable insights, identifying any weaknesses or hazards that can be remediated.

Acknowledging the importance of visitor management safety

No one likes to imagine a security threat or safety crisis on their worksite. But site managers can give people peace of mind by 1) thinking ahead to try and prevent these situations, and 2) assuring people a detailed safety plan is in place to protect them.

Whether you need to manage health regulations (from COVID policies to food safety rules), physical security threats, the possibility of workplace violence, or natural disasters, Sine’s can not only integrate with your other safety hardware and software, but it can scale up to meet your needs as your business grows.

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