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How to use Sine to simplify time and attendance management

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on April 20, 2020

Do you want to minimise the time you spend on administrative tasks like managing time and attendance?

Looking for ways to get a handle on employee time and attendance?

Some simple changes to how you track employee time and attendance can help you save time and keep a more accurate payroll, especially if you want to avoid penalties for payroll errors.

In this article, you’ll discover eight ways how Sine can help you with time and attendance so that you can keep up with the changing nature of the workforce.

The problem with punch cards and paper timesheets

Traditionally businesses recorded time and attendance information using paper-based systems like timesheets, time cards, or job cards. 

The problem is those methods open the door to a number of issues including payroll errors, under or overstaffing, and inefficient time recording … all of which lead to increased costs. 

Not to mention manual methods may leave you vulnerable to issues such as buddy punching, timesheet errors, and running afoul of labour laws.

And to make matters worse: 

  • 83% of organisations haven’t updated their payroll software since 2000 according to the 2019 Payroll Benchmarking Report, an annual study by the Australian Payroll Association
  • 38% of US companies use manual systems like punch cards, paper timesheets and time cards while 58% of Canadian companies still track time using manual methods.
  • The average full-time Australian worker does 5.1 hours in unpaid overtime each week — or 264 hours per year — amounting to $116 billion worth of hours per year, according to an Australia Institute study.

Now, more than ever, employers need to be able to track and manage employee time and attendance efficiently. 

With many people working remotely, managers need visibility into who is working, where they’re working, and for how long. Spreadsheets, punch cards, and paper-based systems just aren’t up to the task.

Why time and attendance matter more than ever this year

Staying on top of time and attendance is challenging for organisations all over the world.

But the issue is especially timely for Australian companies since the office of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is cracking down on companies who fail to comply with workplace laws including underpayment of workers and breaches of other regulations concerning minimum shifts, record-keeping, and payslips.

The FWO already recommends employees manually record their hours. Now, workers can use the FWO’s Record My Hours app (complete with ‘geofencing’ technology) to automatically record when they start and finish work. 

Can you imagine what would happen if there is a dispute and your worker has time and attendance records but your organisation doesn’t?

Yet another reason to improve your company’s time-tracking processes is productivity.

A study by DHS, found employee absenteeism is on the rise in Australia, and costs businesses more than $33 billion in wages and lost productivity.

That’s why automating time and attendance is essential if you want visibility into your staff’s time and attendance on-site and to keep your payroll up to date.

How Sine delivers accurate time and attendance tracking for payroll 

Record-keeping is vital to success for any business — large or small  — that wants to ensure employees receive correct wages and entitlements. 

When you switch from paper-based timesheets to the Sine Pro app, here are a few ways Sine can make your job easier.

Improve your time tracking

You can easily use Sine to track the amount of time your staff have spent on site for more accurate payroll. Our Auto Check-in and Check-out features give you increased accuracy and more forgetting to clock out!

Replace your attendance book

Allow contractors to check-in using the iPad or the SinePro app. Sine provides a robust platform for tracking time and attendance and allows workers to easily check-in from their phones.

Minimise your admin

Sine will keep track of your staff and report on attendance right down to the second without any forms or paper sign-in books. Plus, you can print badges, capture photo ID, and have guests sign NDAs with the Sine Point iPad app.

Real-time attendance tracking

Knowing how much time your workers spend on your premises gives you a clear picture of what’s happening in your office building. Sine allows you to keep track of your staff’s time and attendance on-site, keeping your payroll up to date.

Geofence your site

Set up a virtual perimeter that enables your staff to check-in and out of site automatically. Use geofencing for quick staff check-in or use opt-in facial recognition for smooth check-in for returning workers.

Facial recognition

Staff can opt-in to add their facial recognition details when their photo is captured for the first time, to make check-in and out faster and more secure. Enhanced Security Face check improves the security of your facility by ensuring visitors, contractors, and staff clearly identify themselves.

Manage time and attendance from the web dashboard

Track and report on all active contractors at one site or a portfolio of sites and get reports sent to your inbox daily. Generate reports by company, name, purpose of visit or any search criteria you set, and share them with your colleagues or suppliers.

Spot red flags

When every second counts, you need a tool that can help you instantly spot the red flags in your business. Sine automatically highlights contractors that have been rejected by compliance systems and auto expired contractors that have not checked out.

To Sum it all up...

If saving time and money are important to you, it may be time to take a close look at your time and attendance tracking systems.

Using paper-based systems for time and attendance tracking leaves your organisation vulnerable to a host of issues. You need to be able to track and manage employee time and attendance efficiently and effectively.