In our technologically advanced world, smarter timesheets are key to saving time, reducing paperwork and keeping a more reliable record of attendance of your staff or contractors. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Sine Pro app can do for your business when you make the switch from paper-based timesheets to the Sine Pro app.

Here are three things that Sine Pro can do that paper-based timesheets cannot:

1.Sine Pro sign’s people in and out, with their full details, at the touch of a button.

After their initial sign-in, every time an employee or contractor approaches your worksite, they will receive a notification. Sine’s geo-fencing technology will trigger the Sine Pro app on their smart-phone to tell them they are near a site they have previously signed into and it will ask them if they would like to do so again.

If they do, they simply press a button on the app and their attendance, complete with full personnel details, is recorded. When it comes to checking out, auto-check-out is a feature that can be enabled in the Sine Pro app. If it is not, the same geo-fencing technology that sees them signed in so easily will also result in a prompt being sent to the worker to sign out.

These sign-in and sign-out capabilities mean you will know exactly when your employees and contractors both arrive and leave your worksite, making workforce management a breeze and saving time for both you and your employees.

2. Sine Pro covers off on important safety issues every time your employees arrive to, and leave from, the work site.

Every time someone signs into or out of your worksite, you have the ability to cover off on important safety issues with them via the Sine Pro app. Upon sign-in, you can present your employees with important health and safety information that they are required to view and sign prior to entering the worksite.

Then, when they sign out for the day, you can also request feedback from them, providing the opportunity for them to inform you easily of any issues they encountered throughout the day.

The information that you present to and request from your workers can be updated and amended by you on an as-needs basis, meaning your time-sheets are no longer just time-sheets, they are an excellent and responsive tool for helping to improve workplace safety.

3. Sine Pro can automatically feed your employee’s timesheet information directly into your HR system.

The information that Sine Pro gathers on your behalf is able to be automatically fed straight into your HR systems utilising Sine’s advanced web hooks and API’s. In layman’s terms, this means that all of the information you previously had to spend time and money on in order to have it manually entered into your HR systems from your paper-based sign in sheets can be done by Sine instantaneously and automatically. No more data entry and no more room for error when transcribing handwritten information into your system.

Speak to us today to book a demo and see how Sine Pro can streamline the management of your workforce, saving you time and increasing efficiencies.