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5 Ways Sine Helps You Manage Employee Attendance

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on March 11, 2020

Maybe your company is the kind of business that prefers to create a work culture free from the grind of rigid schedules and doesn’t track attendance.

Maybe you just don’t feel like calling out those who are skipping work, or you employ contractors and don’t care when they arrive as long as they do their job.

Whatever the reason, excessive absenteeism and tardiness hurt your business.

Let’s take a look at 5 features Sine has that can help you with that.

But before we do it, here’s a bit of context.

What is employee attendance and why you should track it?

Simply put, attendance is going to work.

There are many issues related to employee attendance, and thorough communication can dispel most of them, but a pattern of absences can result in a loss of productivity.

And while every worker has a reason for their absences, there are ways to keep track of their attendance and make sure you’re not losing productivity in the process.

The main thing here is, how you can track them?

Luckily, Sine can help you get a clear view of your employee attendance and track your workers at all times without being intrusive.

Take a look at these 5 features made to supplement your attendance tracking efforts.

5 Sine features to manage employee attendance

Time on site counter

Sine has a feature that shows you how long an employee or contractor has been on-site. The counter starts as soon as a person checks in and ends when they check out.

Once they’ve checked out, you get a report, and the information is safely stored in our servers.

How the time-on-site counter helps your workplace

  • Gives you visibility over how many hours your employees spend on site
  • Helps you pay your contractors for the time they’ve worked
  • Establishes a time limit for visitors to spend on site

Auto check-in

With this feature, you can set your worksite up so that returning visitors check-in automatically when they arrive at your site.

This drastically improves the accuracy of your attendance reporting as check-in is done automatically, relieving your front desk people from the task and preventing people from forgetting to check-in.

How auto check-in helps your workplace

  • Frees your front desk from dealing with too many visitors at a time
  • Enforces check-in even if employees forget to
  • Enables returning visitors to self-check-in


In a nutshell, geofencing means creating an invisible perimeter around your worksite so that every time an employee or contractor with the Sine app installed enters, you get notified.

This allows returning visitors and contractors to automatically check into a site when they’re close to your worksite, speeding things up and ensuring compliance.

How geofencing helps your workplace

  • Creates a perimeter where you have total control of what’s going on
  • Prevents theft or unruly employees misusing company assets
  • Relieves you from chasing contractors to see where they are

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is one of the quickest, most secure ways of signing people into your worksite with the help of a sign-in kiosk.

You can scan your visitors’ faces and compare them with the data stored in the app’s database to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your workplace.

How facial recognition helps your workplace

  • Speeds sign-in
  • Prevents ID fraud
  • Creates a secure sign-in policy

Real-time reporting

When it comes to tracking attendance, reporting is fundamental.

Sine’s real-time reporting feature covers all your blind spots, showing you how long employees have been there and the reasons behind their permanence.

With our reporting feature, you can explore your data and check your current and past check-ins at a glance.

How real-time reporting helps your workplace

  • Gives you data about your employees’ attendance
  • Enhances accountability across departments
  • Provides management with daily reports

Instead of relying on people and paper for visitor and contractor management, why not try a reputable visitor management system? Book a demo now.