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Enhance security at your site

Facial recognition for quicker check in or check out on your site

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Face Check technology

An individual face map is created when a person’s photo is captured upon the first check in. Return visitors at that site will now be able to check in and out of the facility by showing their face to the camera therefore no email or contact number is required.

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Fast check-in & check-out

The unique technology of Face Check registers the important details of a person’s face. This makes the check in/out process even quicker and more hassle-free than ever. Whether it is an office building or construction site, visitors will be able to enter and leave the facility with ease and speed.

Improve security

Enhanced Security

Face check uses advanced facial recognition technology, and is specifically designed to improve the security of your facility by ensuring visitors, contractors, and staff clearly identify themselves. Face Check works individually at each site, it is not system wide.

Included in all plans

Any plan has instant access to Face Check and all our features.

Enhance security with Face Check

See how Sine can enhance safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors & staff.