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5 Ways a Mobile Check-In App Can Ease Your Worker Management

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on January 19, 2020

We can’t stress this point enough: workers want to check in to your building as fast as they can.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to rush your workers through your door. On the contrary, a check-in app can ease your worker management greatly.

A check-in app can even help you set the tone for your lobby or your front desk. Offices that are clutter- and people-free look better and more inviting. With a check-in app, you can keep your site clear of paper sign-in sheets and queues.

In a nutshell, a mobile check-in app helps you capture attendee data, update workers’ lists and profiles, create customizable badges, and notify your team in real-time.

1. Signing in workers to your worksite

Contractors are hard to keep an eye on because they’re basically doing what you hired them to do and might not be visible.

They might not even be inside your office, but outside tending to other matters. Which is why mobile check-in apps come in handy to sign in workers or contractors.

For instance, you could use a sign-in stand with a QR code your contractors can scan to check-in and out using a mobile app.

The good thing about this is that your workers’ check-in won’t go unnoticed, because every time they reach your site, the person in charge will receive a notification that they’ve arrived.

Three things Sine can do for your worker sign-in process

  • Get photo IDs of your workers and contractors
  • Set sign-in using facial recognition
  • Quick pre-sign-in process

2. Creating checklists and reports

Let’s say that you want to create a checklist or a questionnaire your workers need to follow before signing out.

Instead of manually going through different options or having to use a different app, you can do it using a check-in app like Sine.

Using an app, your contractors can complete inspections or sets of tasks via their phones. You can also set adjustable periods, and you can set any expiry time. Besides, if you work with contractors, you can use checklists to streamline your worker management.

Three ways Sine can streamline your checklists

  • Ensure only approved contractors or visitors enter your site
  • Build customized questionnaires
  • Set workflows for your sites

3. Going paperless

Don’t you just hate when paper goes to waste?

We do, and even if you don’t do it for the planet, you should do it because going paperless saves companies money.

With an app, you can share instructions with your workers in seconds, or you can brief them about your best practices and your safety rules, reducing the need for print employee handbooks.

Forget about attendance books or sign-in sheets that get lost and end up leaking sensitive information about your workers, contractors, or visitors. With the help of a check-in app, you can check attendance records in seconds instead of wading through paper sheets.

Three reasons why going paperless is better

  • Saving the trees
  • Centralizing communications
  • Reducing meaningless paperwork

4. Staying compliant and safe

Total compliance requires a bit of effort. That’s a fact.

But let’s say that Dan, your electrician, didn’t sign out when he did those repairs. Now it’s Friday and you can’t find him. Chances are he’s with his family, but that right there is a security breach and a potential risk.

A sign-in app can help you cover those gaps so that you can spot red flags on your site. An app like Sine can help you highlight workers that have been rejected from your compliance systems and contractors who haven’t checked out.

Also, it can track keys, assets, badges, and passes so things don’t get lost mysteriously.

Three ways Sine boosts your compliance

  • Approve or reject workers and contractors
  • Customize rejection messages
  • Verify workflow validity

5. Knowing who’s on your site

This one sounds like a no-brainer, we know, but...
Do you really know how many people are on your site right now without having to ask at least three coworkers?
Worker management is full of those moments.
And while the truth is that you probably shouldn’t worry about those numbers, having them at hand can help you make better decisions and spot issues before they can do any harm to your company or your workers.
Besides, if you operate a remote worksite, it gets worse because you need to be able to monitor something without being physically present. With Sine, you receive notifications via email, SMS, or to Sine Pro -- if you have the app -- when a visitor arrives.
Or you can choose to accept or reject visitors and contractors, which is great for supervising remote sites or approving permits.
Three ways Sine helps you check-in workers

  • Monitor time and attendance
  • Get instant notifications
  • Set up watchlists

Find out more about how Sine's mobile app can help with your visitor and worker management at Sine Pro page.