Printable sign-in sheet template

Looking for a free, printable sign-in sheet template for your business?

sign in sheet

Printable PDF sign-in sheet to help you welcome visitors with ease

Take the first step towards keeping a more accurate system of record of visitor activity with a sign-in sheet

Maintain a visitor log

Helps you gain a clearer record of who is on site and who has left. This may be useful in the event of emergencies where you need to contact individuals who are still signed in. 

Identify visitors

Aids with enhancing the ability for visitors to be able to identify themselves more clearly when they enter your workplace. 

Manage your site

Assists you with maintaining a visitor log can help site managers identify popular visitation times, duration of visits, and frequency of visits. 

What's inside your downloadable sign-in sheet?

  • Simple to read fields for visitors to fill out their details
  • Data fields including date of visit, visitor name, contact number and arrival/depature time
  • PDF downloadable
  • Professional look, and easy to use format for your front desk
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Download the template

Honeywell Sine

Ready to say goodbye to pen and paper?

Digitize and modernize the visitor sign-in process

Replace your office sign-in book with a digital sign-in solution and allow visitors to sign in via an iPad or the Sine Pro mobile app seamlessly at all your sites. Sine’s electronic sign-in system is packed with features like instant visitor badge printing, live check-in/out activity log, custom visitor types, and more!

Electronic sign-in features

Contactless front desk sign-in features for a safer workplace 

Check in

Simple check-in

Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine mobile app


Site geofencing

A virtual perimeter enables your guests to automatically check in and out


Instant notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives, with the ability to accept or reject



Get COVID-19 screening forms prior to check-in


Reporting and analytics

Review people flows at multiple sites and run reports on visitor type or other information at check-in



Invite your guests to fast-track their check-in



Confirm NDAs, evacuation diagrams, and health and safety processes are provided to visitors for review

Visitor types

Badge printing

Print badges for visitors to show critical identification information


See all features


Streamline your front desk with a digital sign-in starter pack

Get everything you need to get started with your digital sign-in solution. Find out why companies are switching to digital visitor and contractor management systems.

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