Take full control of your events with Eventbrite

Sine’s Eventbrite integration allows you to go completely paperless at your events. Swap out the registration sheet with an all-in-one kiosk. Sine will import all the registered attendees and allow them to check into the event using their Eventbrite QR code. Cutting out large queues and giving your attendees more time at the event.

Sifting through hundreds of event registrations is time-consuming and destroys the flow of your event. Not to mention the risk of receiving negative feedback with long and unorganized queues. With the Eventbrite integration, you eliminate that risk and streamline your check-in process. 


  • Go paperless with your event guest lists
  • Import the attendee’s list into Sine
  • Use QR codes for quick event registration
  • Give your attendees more time in the event instead of waiting in queues