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Aruba ClearPass

Aruba Clear Pass

Automate Wi-Fi password provisioning on successful check-in to site.
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Automate Wi-Fi password provisioning on check-in

The Sine + Aruba Clear Pass integration gives you the ability to automatically provision Wi-Fi passwords when a visitor checks-in. Allowing access to be controlled and configured based on the nature of the visit. 

Aruba ClearPass Sine
Wi-Fi access will be sent via SMS, email or notification with the username and password.

One less task for you + a more streamlined experience for the customer: benefits of the Aruba Clear Pass integration

Save time by automating Wi-Fi password provisioning.

Automatically have your Wi-Fi access password sent vis SMS, email or notification on successful check-in. 

Improve the visitor experience and make connectivity easier.

Make it easier for visitors to access Wi-Fi with passwords sent on check-in; no access requests required.

Tailor the experience to fit your visitors' needs.

Choose how to share Wi-Fi details with visitors on check-in - SMS, email, or in-app notification.

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