We know that running a successful construction site is a multi-faceted operation.

Managing the site and the people coming to and from it, ensuring the safety of everyone present, and keeping on top of everything from equipment to worker accreditations are just a few of the things our existing clients have highlighted as key areas of consideration – all of which hold equal importance to the safe and successful running of any construction site.

As a contractor management software, it’s important to us here at Sine to know what issues our clients face in managing their business.

After extensive research and talking directly to our contractor management clients we have come up with our 5 top tips for running a successful construction site, and how Sine can help.

1. Organisation Is Key

On any construction site, there is a plethora of equipment, tools and specialised safety gear and paperwork. These things need to be kept in place or, if they need to be moved, they need to be kept track of. From access cards to tools and equipment, misplaced items are the bane of many site managers lives.

Before a site goes live it’s important to ensure that everything has a place to call home, that contractors are drilled to return items they take, and that a method is set in place to track who has taken what, and that they return it.

Our solution: With Sines QR codes you can tag every single item that you need to keep tabs on. You’ll know what things are where they’re supposed to be or, if they’re not, you’ll know who signed them out last – just like a library book – and you’ll be able to track them down. Better yet, you’ll be able to track them without having to go anywhere – using the Sine app you will be able to send a direct notification through to the worker you need to contact to say you need the item back, or you’ll be able to look up their contact details so you can give them a call.

2. Be Inducted

You have health and safety standards. Codes of conduct. Daily hazard notifications. Site protocols that differ from other sites. Emergency evacuation plans. Not only do you need to ensure your new workers are inducted through your site, but that ongoing inductions take place with existing workers to ensure they remain up to date and briefed with the latest information to ensure they stay safe.

You need to make sure you have a system set up to cover all these points, for your safety, your workers safety, and your companies liability.

Our solution

Every time your workers check into your worksite, you can ensure that all relevant evacuation diagrams, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), hazard reports etc., are all read and acknowledged as seen by your workers before they gain access to your site.

This means you can dot the I’s and cross the t’s on your site safety and induction before your workers even set foot on site. Additionally, all forms are uploaded automatically to your worker’s profile which they can access with the SinePro app. This means, if they need to review protocols or remember codes etc, they just whip out their mobile and can view all induction information on the go.

3. Safety First

With the multitude of tools and equipment used on worksites, it can be all too easy for a worker to pick up or use a piece of equipment that they are not qualified for. Worse yet, contractors who sign into the site without the very necessary safety equipment that every worker on site should have, or that they need for their specific roles.

It’s important to ensure that no worker gets on-site without their correct safety equipment and access to equipment is restricted to people who have the qualifications.

Our solution

Multiple check forms, document uploads and response required fields can be set up for every contractor type, allowing for specific equipment checks. Every time a contractor checks in they have to confirm that they:

  1. Have all the required safety equipment to step on site, according to their check-in type set up
  2. Have all the required qualifications to be able to safely and legally use the equipment. If they are unable to do so, they are unable to complete check-in.
  3. With Sine’s online dashboard or mobile app, supervisors and site managers are able to check all answers before handing out sensitive or specialized equipment.

    4. Manage Your Site

    Construction sites are hectic. You need to know who is on site at any given point but you also know that they’re not just a number; you need to know they haven’t been working too long (or too short), that they’re keeping on top of their workloads, and that they’re not under too much pressure, which can lead to devastating mistakes.

    You need to know your workforce is okay, even when you can’t be onsite, and a key way to achieve this is through good communication.

    Our solution

    As a site manager, Sine can provide you with host notifications including check-in and check-out notifications, activity tracking, and instant messaging directly from your workers.

    You’ll be able to ensure that everyone is onsite who is meant to be, even when you aren’t on site, removing issues of overworked workers doing double the work to cover no shows. You also have the ability to send out whole-of-site or individualised messages, view the profiles of your workers, and obtain almost instantaneous operational reports on your site, helping you to successfully manage your workforce and your projects.

    5. Employ Specialists and Check Accreditations

    There are some jobs that your average workers just can’t do, and despite the additional cost, the best way to make sure your job goes the way you want it to is the employ a specialist. But how can you be sure that the specialist that arrives on site is who you need, especially when hiring through another company?

    One of the worst-case scenarios is getting an apprentice when a skilled professional is needed. As specialists and other contractors are often hired on the short term for specific contracts, familiarity is not necessarily common, allowing trainees to ‘replace’ the specialist you require. It’s important to always check accreditations are up to date and ensure that all certificates match the identification of the person checking in.

    Our solution

    Although your workers are responsible for ensuring they have the correct qualifications, you still have the responsibility to confirm their accreditations.

    Sine’s digital visitor management software automates the checking of qualifications by using webhooks. These are digital tools that work behind the scenes to confirm with registrars that the worker requesting access to your site does indeed have the accreditation they require in order to perform the work they are there to do.

    When a worker tries to check into your location under a particular contractor category, if they do not meet the criteria you require, or if their qualification has expired, they will not be able to gain access to your site and you will be notified.

    Managing a construction site? Want to learn more about how companies use Sine for their contractor management? Check out our construction sectors page, or chat to one of our customer success team members.