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Working from home: managing your remote workforce through COVID-19

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on September 4, 2020

As rolling lockdowns continue to present challenges to businesses looking to maintain their operations, new solutions are being sought to the challenges presented.

One of the most common challenges is how you not only maintain accountability that staff are working, but to also ensure companies are checking in and staying updated on the wellbeing of their (now) remote workforce.

Here at Sine, we turned to our own platform in order to meet these challenges. With the team heading their separate ways in early April to work from home, we needed a way to ensure staff were working from the safety of the homes.

With that, we introduced work-from-home sites and QR check-in for all our team.

Here’s a look at how we did it, and how you can too!

Establishing a work-from-home site

The first step is to set up a new site as a dedicated work-from-home site. To operate your new site as a work-from-home site, there are a couple of things you will need to do, all of which can be managed from your site settings:

  • Turn off nearby site visibility
  • Turn off QR check-in within geofence only
  • Turn on QR scanning as the required check-in mode
set up your site in sine for qr staff check-in

Setup your site and staff for check-in

Once you have established your site, you can download the site QR poster directly from the Sine Dashboard and distribute it to your remote workforce to use for check-in.

Next, have your remote staff download the Sine Pro mobile app and setup their profiles.

Working from home check-in

Tip: Have staff save the work-from-home QR to their desktop for easy access, or even set it as their desktop background!

Check-in and check-out

When staff clock on in the morning, all they need to do is scan the QR code using the Sine Pro mobile app and they will be checked into the work-from-home site. At the end of the day, they scan the QR code ocne more and they are checked out.

It’s as easy as that!

By doing this daily, companies can get an accurate overview of who’s working and employees can ensure that they’re providing a visual on when they are at work. 

Managing an itinerate workforce

For some essential workers, particularly in the healthcare sector, work from home doesn’t always mean their own home. With many shifting to house calls, in place of having patients come to a central clinic.

It’s more important than ever for workers and their employers to accurately track these visits, and keep a full register of when and where staff worked throughout the work-from-home period.

With check-in forms, this is quick and easy for staff to achieve. Plus, employers can keep track of where their staff have been working and the time spent at each location.

track your itinerate workforce during COVID-19

Required questions for check-in forms

Within your site’s settings, you can edit the check-in form questions that will be asked of staff. To track the locations staff are working at, simply add a new question that is required of staff on check-in.

With Sine, it’s simple to manage your remote workforce and ensure that everyone is able to work from home, safely.

Helping organisations through COVID-19 is what we do

Here at Sine, we have worked tirelessly in recent months to help our clients better protect their staff, workplace and assets. With new features being released all the time, we have a range of options for contactless check-in, contact tracing and screening.

To see how Sine can help your organisation, book a call with our team today.