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Ambrose Treacy College

Ambrose Treacy College is an independent Catholic primary and secondary school for boys, located in Queensland, Australia. The college is positioned on a 40-hectare campus, overlooking the Brisbane River, with state-of-the-art facilities.

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The automation has been amazing! From completing inductions, to the collection of compliance documents and even following up when these expire—it has completely changed the way I work for the better.
Michelle P
Compliance Officer

A streamlined digital check-in solution on campus

When it came to compliance at Ambrose Treacy College, a paper logbook simply wouldn’t cut it anymore. So the search began, looking for a modern solution that would empower them to track who was on their campus at any given time.

And it wasn’t long before they found a perfect match with Sine.

From day one the staff were impressed with Sine. From the dashboard, their administrators could quickly see everyone who was checked into campus, while their reception staff also had visibility over who would be arriving throughout the day.

With printed ID badges for every visitor, it was simple for everyone on campus to check at a glance that someone was authorised to be on campus. While the customised check-in questions for different visitor types ensured everyone was appropriately inducted and cleared before their check-in was approved.

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Class-leading support when it’s needed

“The Sine support team are fantastic. Whenever we have had a question they’re always available with a quick response and solution for us.”

Throughout it all, the team at Ambrose Treacy College have found themselves supported every step of the way. From the real-time in-app support to the ongoing collaboration with Sine’s customer success team.

Collaboration, expansion and compliance automation

Ever since the initial rollout, Ambrose Treacy College has worked closely in collaboration with Sine to continually optimise their operations.

“We have loved working with Sine. I’m always trying to think outside the box and look for new places to utilise it, and the Sine team have been right there with us to make that happen.”

The College quickly moved to expand its solution, adding contractor management capabilities through Sine’s Workflows product. With the addition of Workflows to manage and automate all of its compliance and inductions. With Workflows, the college was able to ensure a consistent process and check-in no matter which entry a visitor or contractor came to.

The solution didn’t stop there though. Next, the system was expanded to check in relief staff using the Sine Pro mobile app. This offered a convenient way for relief staff to check in when they arrived on-site in the carpark, with their badge then printed, ready and waiting for them at reception.

In addition, the check-in records have made it easy for staff to verify the time in attendance of contractors and relief staff.

For Ambrose Treacy College, there’s no end in sight, with the team all looking forward to exploring and implementing even more features and integrations, including guest wi-fi provisioning and access control capabilities.