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Sine were able to provide Cleanaway with an upgrade from their previous product. Amazing service and always easy to access.


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Melbourne, Australia

The experience with Sine has been fantastic, they were able to provide us with a product that is an upgrade from our previous product. The service is amazing and always easy to access.
Jake M
Cleanaway Admin & Customer Service

Fast and easy check-in for high volume visitors and all visitor types

Sine’s flexible visitor types allow for quick check in and out for Cleanaway’s staff and guests with custom workflows. They have benefitted from keeping a real and actual log of all visitors. From a fire evacuation point of view it has been valuable for them being able to access all active passes from anywhere with an internet connection.

"Highly configurable and dynamic software. Multi-platform integration is a must to keep up with contemporary business needs, and Sine does it excellently. The biggest advantage aside from the software is in the customer support."

At Cleanaway they can ensure all visitors, contractors and drivers all view and understand all safety and induction information. Customisable check-in and check-out flows based on the selected visitor type to cover all risks proves highly valuable.