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McConnell Dowell

Sine has offered a solution to record and audit how many people are coming onto McConnell Dowell sites daily.

McConnell Dowell


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Sine has improved and streamlined our ability to accurately record, notify and report on visitor attendance across all of our offices.
Jason W
Group IT Operations Manager

Instant messaging directly to email, text and Skype prove great features

Prior to discovering Sine, McConnell Dowell were using a mix of printed spreadsheets and carbon copy sign in books to manage the influx of visitors checking in and out of their worksites. In some cases, no visitor records were used at all. 

With multiple offices across multiple countries, the number of visitors and contractors checking in and out of sites was posing an issue to their OHS.

With over 130 check-ins per day across 15 offices, McConnell Dowell had no manageable system in place before adopting Sine.

Sine has offered a solution not only to record and audit how many people are coming onto their sites daily, but it has categorised exactly what kind of visitors are entering, from project staff and contractors, to delivery personnel and visitors, both those performing work and those who are not. 

"The additional features around emergency evacuation information, visitor induction information and its ability to be highly customisable with content, layout, and graphics, it is a complete visitor sign in and induction system."

Sine has streamlined McConnell Dowell’s capacity to monitor and keep accurate information on visitor attendance in all of their offices and worksites especially with the ability capture a photo upon first-time check-in.

Sine has been so well received at McConnell Dowell that it is now expected and welcomed at all offices. If it is not there already, it is highlighted and reported in an OHS report as a recommendation.

McConnell Dowell