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Visitor management system

The Sine All-in-one Kiosk is the ideal self-service check-in for visitors & contractors. Instant badge printing on arrival with a seamless check-in experience.

How it Works

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Visitor Signs in
Using the iPad kiosk and its customisable interface, visitors can choose who they’re visiting from a list of employees

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Receives Identification
A supplied label printer provides the visitor with a name badge with all their necessary details

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Employee is Notified
Once the visitor has signed in, the employee they are visiting is notified, specifying their name and entry point

Vaccination tracking

Vaccination Tracker

Streamline management of vaccination records for your workplace

Sine helps makes it simpler to collect proof of vaccinations and manage approvals for people entering your facility. Whether it’s self-certification and declaration, or monitoring and compliance reporting—Workflows can be tailored to your needs.

Talk with our customer team
about getting started

Talk with our customer team about getting started

Full of features

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Simple check-in

Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine free mobile apps at all your sites.

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Site geofencing

Sine set up a virtual perimeter enabling guests to check in and out of your site swiftly.

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Instant notifications

Be alerted when your visitor arrives and choose to accept or reject with messages.

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Allow guests to check in via the iPad or the Sine free mobile apps at all your sites.

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Reporting and analytics

Track people flows at multiple sites and run reports on the purpose of your guest’s visit.

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Invite your guests to fast track their check-in on arrival for meetings, seminars and events.

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Have visitors confirm NDA’s, fire evacuation diagrams, and health and safety processes.

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Badge printing

Print badges for visitors to show photo ID, visitor type and host, and pre-print for invited visitors.


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