Sine Subprocessors

To support delivery of Sine’s Services, we may engage and use third-party contractors to provide certain services on our behalf (each a “subprocessor”). The table below contains information about the identities, roles, and locations of our sub-processors. Terms used on this page, but not defined, have the meaning set forth in the written Agreement between you and us.

As our Services grow and evolve, the sub-processors we engage may also change.

Third-Party Subprocessors

We may use the following third-party subprocessors (and their affiliates) to process your data and provide infrastructure or other functions that help with the delivery of our Services.

Third Party SubprocessorPurposeLocation
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud servicesAustralia
Cloudflare, Inc.Web infrastructure & securityUSA
MongoDB, Inc.Cloud servicesAustralia
Intercom, Inc.Customer communicationsUSA
Sendgrid, Inc.Email functionalityUSA, UK, India, Japan
Twilio, Inc.SMS functionalityUSA, Ireland, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Australia
Honeywell Affiliates

Depending on your location, we may engage one or more of our corporate affiliates to assist with the delivery of our Services. A list of Honeywell affiliates that may function as subprocessors for Sine is available upon request.

Last Modified: November 4, 2021

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