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Sine Pro for Mobile

Mobile check-in is easy and free for the regulars on
Sine Pro for iPhone and Android.

Visitor and contractor registration app. Check in from your smartphone.

Sine Pro is available for iPhone and Android and is free. Sine Pro allows visitors, contractors, staff, students, couriers and any other groups to check in to your site when they are nearby. We use geofencing to set up a virtual perimeter around your facility. When you leave site, users will be sent a notification reminding them to check out too. The same Sine Pro App can be used by Hosts at a site to alert them that their visitor has arrived.

Sine Pro on Apple App Store   Sine Pro on Google Play Store

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How do I use the Sine app?

Just tap the site name displayed on the list of nearby sites to your location. Get alerts when to arrive and depart from site to remind you to check in and check out. Sine Pro saves you time and helps you go paperless when having to register to access the sites you work at. Sine also works with QR codes displayed at site with the Sine logo. Just scan the QR code when you arrive and depart.

Geo-fence your site.

Sine allows you to create a geo-fence around your site so repeat visitors and contractors using the Sine mobile app can check in and out of site swiftly. Users leaving the geo-fence will be sent a notification to remind them to sign-out. Know whom is on location at any point. Learn more about geofencing here.

Get verified and access more sites.

Add your photo ID, verify your mobile number and email and get access to more sites that require verification. Sine’s unique verification process brings an extra layer of security to visitor & contractor management processes. Know who’s on site for sure.

QR code scan in. No iPad required.

Sites that display a Sine QR code on a wall poster allow visitors and contractors to scan in and out from the Sine Pro mobile app. This removes the requirement for an iPad at site. Location is cross referenced on scan in to check QR codes are being scanned in on site to verify attendance.

Mobile Check-in notifications with approval

Be a great host.

Receive notifications via email, SMS or to the Sine mobile app when your visitor arrives. Choose to accept or reject visitors or contractors which is ideal if you operate a remote site. Ideal for approving permits and checking who’s really on site.

Mobile print ready.

Check-in with your Sine mobile app and have your badge instantly printed. Skip the queue and collect your badge on arrival. Great for busy sites and group check-in. *Requires a SinePoint Pro iPad App connected to the Brother 720 NW printer.

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Real time messaging

I’m on my way.

Let your visitors and contractors know you are on the way. Sine for iPhone and Android allows you as a host to send custom messages to your visitors when they check-in to see you. Ideal for relaying meeting points or even special permit requests for contractors.

Easy check-out.

Sine makes it really easy to check-out your visitors when they leave. Just swipe from your Sine for iPhone or Android app and instantly check-out visitors with one tap.

Swipe to checkout iPhone app
Swipe to check-in and out

Swipe to check-in and out

Swipe to check-in and out right from your lock screen when you approach your next meeting, contractor job or are staff clocking on for the day. With one swipe from your lock screen you can instantly be checked-in to the site with no need to even open the Sine app. When you leave site, just swipe to the auto check-out notification and you’re done.

Need help with Sine?

Read our FAQs and knowledgebase, or submit a support request, ask a question, suggest a new feature.