There are many ways in which SinePro can help your business to run more smoothly and with greater ease and efficiency; far too many to list here. So rather than writing a list that will have you reading for days, here are just five of the ways that Sine can have a positive impact upon your business:

  1. Sine can cut your check-in times in half
    Signing into a location using the traditional pen and paper method is slow, tedious, and antiquated. SinePro can sign in new guests in a matter of moments and repeat visitors instantaneously using the SinePro App on your guests’ smart-phone. Checking into a location has never been easier.
  2. Sine reduces your business’ admin costs
    Having your guests and contractors sign in via the SinePro app means your front-of-house staff can spend their time doing other important tasks, without interruption. With the ability to have Sine sync directly with your existing visitor management recording systems, it also means that admin time is saved further by your team not having to laboriously enter in each visitor’s details.
  3. Sine allows you to better track the time and attendance of your suppliers
    If your business utilises contractors or suppliers that operate on a time-based charging system, Sine gives you the ability to track exactly how much time a contractor or supplier spends on your premises. A complete record is kept of when they arrive and when they depart, giving you an indisputable source of truth when it comes to any disputes that may arise.
  4. Sine improves the safety of your worksite
    Every time an employee or contractor arrives at your worksite, you have the ability to present to them up-to-date safety information so that you can be sure that they are aware of the current risks and precautions of your worksite on that day. As they leave, you can also provide them with the ability to provide feedback on anything they have noticed throughout their time on your site, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information to provide on an ongoing basis. Evacuation reports are also available via print or email, and can provide you with a complete list of all personnel currently active on site at the click of a button. In the cases of an emergency, this enables you to keep track accurately of every single person on site.
  5. Sine can give you a deeper understanding of the activity and trends of your worksites
    With a raft of reporting capabilities, Sine can give you both a broad and a deep understanding of the activity hot spots and visitor trends of your worksites. Daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports and check-in summaries can help you to quickly and easily know how your site’s resources are being used and where you might need to make more resources available to improve productivity.

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