Today, the 28th of April, is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It’s an important opportunity for everyone – employers, employees, and governments alike – to think about what they can do to make workplaces safer around the world.

James Pearson, CEO of the Australian Chamber, said: “When each of us goes to work each day, we expect to come home safely. Thankfully, following a concerted effort from all stakeholders, Australia’s work-related fatality and serious injury rates are trending downwards. But there is more we can all do to reduce work health and safety incidents.

“We know that workplaces that are driven by values and have a culture that celebrates people’s wellbeing are safer, more productive, perform better and retain staff more easily.”

A safe workplace is a happy workplace. To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work in workplaces, here are some ways in which Sine can help you to create a healthier and safer workplace:

– Provide the contact details of your health and safety representatives to your employees or contractors upon sign-in;

– Utilise multiple languages for your check-in and check-out process so that everyone can understand the important information you provide at both touch points;

– Fast search and reporting capabilities so that you can know exactly who is where and when;
Invite only mode ensures only approved guests or contractors can gain access to your site;

– Provide safety information relevant to the person accessing your site, whether that be a tradesperson requiring physical safety information or an office worker needing to know how to set up their desk ergonomically;

– Give insight into the times at which your work site is busiest, so you can understand when resources will be stretched and can act accordingly.