If you’re reading this article, then there’s a fair chance that you are seeking a better onsite contractor management solution than the one you currently utilise. You are convinced there must be a better, more efficient solution out there to assist you in managing contractor safety and reporting at your worksite. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

At Sine, our sole purpose is to offer intelligent digital solutions for onsite contractor management. Boasting inbuilt know-how, our software features best practice modelling for managing your contractor’s time on site. With a global customer base across multiple sectors, including commercial, retail, industrial, education, and logistics, we’ve worked hard to develop a system that will streamline your facility; saving your team time, and ultimately, make your operation a whole lot safer.

So how does Sine work for you as a contractor manager?

We already know that maintaining good communication, close oversight, and a clear progress schedule with contractors is vital; vital for your contractors, vital for your business, and vital for a successful working relationship between all parties involved. Sine’s digital contractor management software takes these things in stride, and then takes them several steps further.

A key philosophy at Sine revolves around the idea of continuous improvement, and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to seeking out ways in which we can streamline processes and identify operational inefficiencies. To do this, we start at the very beginning – when your contractors walk through the door.

Out goes the haphazard and inefficient sign-in book and in comes an automated and easy to use digital contractor management system that only offers fast sign-in, but also ensures that your compliance and safety boxes are ticked. Site inductions, entry risks, important safety information – all of these are presented on-screen to your contractors at sign-in so that you can be sure they are aware of everything they need to know before site entry is granted.

And it doesn’t stop there. Sine software stays on the move, just like you and your contractor. From asset management to inspection checklists, here are just a few of the solutions Sine can provide to you:

Asset Tracking

Tired of constantly searching for and replacing lost keys, passes, tools, and equipment? Sine allows you to tag assets using a QR code system. Assets are then allocated to an employee or contractor within the system when they sign it out, so that you will always know where to look if an asset is needed or hasn’t been returned. Simply look up the QR code, see who last signed that asset out, and get in touch for retrieval.

Inspection Checklists

Particularly handy for remote sites, Sine offers location-based checklists on your mobile. These checklists can be accessed and completed by either a team member or an external contractor, simply by using their smartphone.

Emergency Alerts

Having inputted important contact details during check-in, Sine allows you to contact your site visitors immediately in the event of an emergency or evacuation via push notifications to their smartphone. Sine also gives you the ability to run an instant evacuation lists from your web dashboard so that you can see exactly who is on site, should the need arise.


Sine’s reporting capabilities mean you can stay informed and stay in control. Set up automated daily reports, or run manual reports at any time, to provide useful insights through a ‘helicopter’ view of your site. You can track visitor movements, manage peak sign-in times, or locate red flags for non-compliant visitors – all vital information for continuous improvement.

Want more? Our handy user guide – Contractor Management Made Easy – outlines 16 solutions that Sine offers to make contractor management at your worksite faster, easier, and safer.