Blog Contractor Management Crash Course pt 4

Contractor Management Crash Course | Part 4: Compliance and Reporting

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on April 19, 2022

In this four part blog series, we tackle the subject of contractor management. As any business knows, maintaining good communication, close oversight and a clear progress schedule with your contractors is a vital part of maintaining a safe and successful working relationship. This series will show you how Sine can assist your business, your site supervisors, and your contractors in keeping track of on-site presence, from arrival right through to departure, including on-site management and reporting.

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Lock in compliance confidence

Reporting will always be an important and necessary part of any successful business. It’s what drives change, it assists in advancing safety management, and ultimately, it keeps your business and your contractors protected.

So, while we must concede that Sine is not able to supply magical unicorns to help you with your reporting, we can say that it does offer powerful reporting tools that can work wonders in simplifying the process.

Take the headache out of contractor management with Sine Workflows.

Using Sine’s central web dashboard, or the app on your smartphone, you can track and report on all active contractors in real-time, giving yourself a bird's eye view across one site or a portfolio of sites. Alternatively, you can receive automated reports at the end of each day, allowing you to automatically view stats on contractor attendance, including any contractors that may still be on site.

With the click of a button, Excel-based reports can be generated, allowing you to select the data fields you require for the job at hand. Reports can be sorted based on company, contractor name, purpose of the visit, or customized to just about any data field that you need.

In addition, Sine can also offer bespoke data analysis and systems integration for even easier reporting methods - just ask us to find out more.

So, while we’re sorry about the absence of magical unicorns conjuring up your reports for you, we feel that the very next best thing – the presence of a tool that delivers you smart, powerful, and automated reporting – should be enough to turn that frown upside down.

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