In this four part blog series, we tackle the subject of contractor management. As any business knows, maintaining good communication, close oversight and a clear progress schedule with your contractors is a vital part of maintaining a safe and successful working relationship. This series will show you how Sine can assist your business, your site supervisors, and your contractors in keeping track of on-site presence, from arrival right through to departure, including on-site management and reporting.

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Contractor site departure

In the first two articles of this contract management blog series, we discussed the ways in which Sine can offer efficient solutions for managing contractor arrival and tracking on-site presence… But it doesn’t stop there.

Many companies have an exit procedure in place, designed to work through a list of checks and balances before a contractor may leave the site. These can range from ensuring keys and access cards have been returned, through to incident reporting. However complex the exit requirements that your company may have, Sine can give your contractor a goodbye process that is as easy as it was to say hello. This is the power of our easy to use inspection software.

inspection software

Exit instructions

With Sine a customized exit checklist can be created for contractors to complete prior to signing out. This checklist can include confirmation of returned assets, the filing of any required incident reports, and the viewing of any final exit instructions. The procedure is made simple by allowing the contractor to complete this exit checklist in the palm of their hand using the Sine Pro app on their smartphone.

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A contractor forgot to check-out? It happens to the best of us. Sine’s geo-fencing feature will detect when your contractor has ‘left the building’ and will send a reminder message to them via the Sine Pro app.

Scan and track

Add QR codes to your assets such as keys, badges, passes, allowing you to scan the assets in and out under a contractor’s name. Assets can be tracked in real-time and you also have the ability to provide quick auto allocation and auto check-out for contractors upon arrival and departure.


Incident reports

A vital part of any safety management process is the ability to keep track of incidents so that your site supervisors can monitor and assess issues for continuous improvement. Keeping a formal log of these incidents is made easy through the Sine Pro app. Appearing on the checklist required for sign off prior to a contractor checking out, this incident report tool is particularly useful for remote sites where on-site contact may not be possible.

While your company’s exit process for the day may have a few more steps than letting a contractor simply walk out the door, Sine helps to distill many of the lengthy processes, assisting in streamlining many of those extra steps towards the finish line.

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