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Humans of Honeywell Sine: Tim Cameron, Customer Implementation Specialist

By Molly TelferContent Marketing Specialist
Published on April 20, 2022

As a fast-growing scale-up, we are fortunate to have employees from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, with diverse expertise and skills. And as we continue to expand globally, we wanted to give you all a look inside our unique culture at Sine and the wonderful people who make it great to be a part of.

In our new series, Humans of Honeywell Sine, we will be regularly interviewing different members of the team about their interests inside and outside of the tech world, their Sine stories and much more.

This month, we are joined by Customer Implementation Specialist, and Sine's unofficial Pizza Lunch Lead Coordinator, Tim Cameron. Tim currently oversees the setup, onboarding and training of our software for new and existing customers. He's also held the role of Hardware Operations Lead before transitioning over to Customer Success.

Tim C

Let's dive more into his Sine journey and <spoil alert> adorable dog photos.

What made you decide to be an Implementation Specialist?

I worked in an operations role in retail clothing operations and found a passion for technology when the business was overhauling processes and migrating entirely to cloud-based systems. I was lucky enough to meet some incredible people on that journey, and they mentored me through study and introduced me to a whole new world of career opportunities. I was able to join Sine and merge my existing knowledge of customer success and operations and my passion for tech.

Tim Cameron

Why did you join Sine?

Sine was a perfect fit for my career path; I wanted to learn more about tech and SaaS, and I was able to join in a role that wasn’t unfamiliar to me. I also had the goal to learn as much as I could to become more involved in the product; now, 18 months into my employment, I’ve been able to join the Implementation Team and further expand my career opportunities.

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to get into Implementation/Customer Success?

Extend your network as wide as you can. Listen, learn and dive in head first!

Chippy the dog

What do you do for fun outside of work?

My wife and I rescued a greyhound (Chip), and he has taken up my entire life outside of work, but it’s totally worth it! Also, love sitting down and binging a series or a good movie.

What are some of your favourite things about being part of the Sine team?

The company culture is incredible! So many social events inside and outside of work allow me to cross the floor with other departments and meet cool people. I have made genuine mates, and I love coming to work.

Tim Cameron

What’s your favourite workplace event?

Literally everything! Friday pub lunches, lunchtime activities such as yoga and basketball. Special mention to the Sine Lawn Society and Dog Group.

Two essential reading recommendations – one for business and one for leisure

I am probably better at recommending podcasts - Reid Hoffman’s Masters Of Scale is my go-to for great interviews and lessons from some of the best in the industry. For leisure, I enjoy a bit of true crime.

One random fact about you

I’m pretty good at picking a perfectly ripe avocado.

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