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Meet the DVLPRs - 5 Questions with Lachlan Harris

By Molly TelferContent Marketing Specialist
Published on February 28, 2022


With _SOUTHSTART around the corner, the team at Honeywell Sine is excited to help launch their fresh new addition to the program – DVLPR Day. This half-day experience, taking place March 11, strives to connect developers and the technology-minded to the trends, tools, and stories of scaling both technology and team.

At DVLPR Day, attendees can connect and learn from experienced and war-torn CTO's and developers from across the country as they share their insights and growing pains, tips and tricks, and the larger overarching lifestyle and philosophy of a coded reality.

One of these development veterans is Sine's very own Platform Software Engineer, Lachlan Harris, who will be leading a panel on enabling stronger diversity in the engineering and technology industries. By day, Lachlan uses scalable infrastructure to engineer the building blocks for a stable and secure platform. By night .... well you'll just have to read on to learn more!

Platform Software Engineer, Lachlan Harris

How did you get into software development?

I've always had a passion for computers and why/how things work. I started tinkering with Visual Basic as a teenager and chose an engineering course at uni. While there, my neighbour (the CEO at the time) offered part-time work boxing iPads at a local visitor management company called Sine - the rest is history! I was quickly able to apply both skills from university to my work at Sine and vice versa, which accelerated my development in both and made me into the engineer I am today.

What do you hope for future developers to get out of DVLPR Day?

I'm excited to see what developers are inspired to make and build out of their experiences here at DVLPR day. Coming out with a renewed or reinforced drive to learn and experiment with their developer know-how will absolutely be my biggest hope for today and its outcomes. And hey, who knows, perhaps you're inspired to come and join us here at the Honeywell Sine team? :wink:

There are plenty of upcoming trends I would like to see in 2022 :wink: Specifically, I'm yearning to see more efficient approaches to energy storage e.g. supercapacitors in electric vehicles, improving energy efficiency in transmission between endpoints, and generally reducing the carbon footprint and more fully utilising green and renewable energy sources both in usage and initial building cost. (There's no point building a solar panel if you're causing more environmental issues in building the panel than can be returned over the panel's lifetime.)

Which Sine project(s) are you most proud of and why?

I've been working on plenty of backend changes recently, specifically performing a large data migration between two datasets with zero downtime. Priming our backend systems for significant future performance boosts with no end-user disruption has got to be one of the proudest accomplishments I've made here at Honeywell Sine. Additionally, the day-to-day guidance and mentorship I'm able to provide to other team members through the experience and hard work gained over these past 5 years is always a win in my books.

What are your favourite hobbies outside of tech and coding?

I dance. :man_dancing::skin-tone-2: I attend dance lessons seven days a week, 2-5 lessons a day. That's nearly 19 hours of dance per week. I'm learning Salsa, Bachata, Rock & Roll, Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Merengue, line dancing and more! I've never been happier or more confident. I dance both leading and following, which I believe is important to become a better dancer. If you're keen to give it a go, hit me up! 

Catch Lachlan as he shares his tips and tricks (and possibly dance moves!) at DVLPR Day. With so much opportunity waiting around the corner it’s about time you save yourself a seat! And thanks to our partnership, you can grab a last minute ticket at 30% off! Just use the code DVLPRHS at check-out (valid for DVLPR Day tickets only)



_SOUTHSTART (Revival) is a human-first hub for deep connection created to unlock the ideas, connections & learnings required to navigate our collective future. Set amidst the backdrop of a city dancing, singing, laughing, and playing during "Mad March" - we will gather interesting, creative, and curious humans for a multi-day adventure in South Australia, enjoyed through a lens of impact, business, investment, and innovation. Filled with masterclasses, conversations, investment connections, hospitality activations, wellbeing activities & regional escapades - the program will provide a multitude of ways to connect like-minded clusters, while encouraging collisions with new ones. These activations seek to recognise, celebrate and mobilise the diverse states of existence that occupy a single spectrum - understanding that we're all exploring unknown territory, together.