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Queues? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

By Jesse KeremaDigital Marketing Manager
Published on March 3, 2016

Are you a corporate, a business hosting an event, a conference or education facility or a training provider? Do you host events and sessions that your attendees have to queue for in order to check in, have their name ticked off and get a name badge for before they are allowed to enter the room?

One of the biggest frustrations for people attending training sessions, corporate events or conferences is the amount of time that gets wasted prior to the event by having to line up in order to check into the event and obtain their name badge.

Would you like to give your attendees the opportunity to avoid the queue if they so wish, thereby streamlining and improving their experience of your facility or event right from the very beginning?

Sine’s digital visitor management software is a multi-platform sign-in system that allows your attendees to avoid the queue and save valuable time when attending your events or training sessions. Utilising QR codes and location services, the digital visitor sign-in system is clean and intuitive and significantly speeds up the processing of attendees at any event.

By downloading the Sine app on their smart-phone, attendees can avoid the queue by signing in on their mobile and heading straight for the distribution desk where their badge will have already been printed and will be ready and waiting for them to pick up on their way through the door.

Those who do not utilise mobile check-in will also benefit from the ability of attendees who do so by experiencing significantly reduced line-ups. Their time spent in queues will be further reduced by the simple and effective method of signing in via the Sine iPad at the check-in desk. Attendees will use the Sine iPad to quickly input their name and generate their name badge for collection. On no occasion will their names be displayed publically in a list or via their name badges being on display at the check-in table, waiting for their arrival, thus assuring them of their privacy.

If you have a group of guests attending your event and don’t want them to have to wait at all, you can treat them like VIPs and pre-register them for a faster check-in on arrival. You can have their badges printed in advance so that the group can seamlessly move on into the room, providing a greater experience for both them and for your remaining guests who have even less people waiting in their queue to gain entrance.

Sine’s digital visitor management software allows you to completely customise your devices centrally from Sine Web, meaning you can upload logos, backgrounds and customised check-in processes so that the atmosphere of your event is palpable right from the moment your guests arrive. This branding and customisation carries across to those checking in using their smart-phone so that everyone receives the same experience of your brand and of your event.

Imagine how much more enjoyable your next event or training session could be for your guests if you employed Sine’s digital visitor management software as your check-in tool. Talk to us today so that you can experience the ease and efficiency that your guests could soon be experiencing.