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Simplify and streamline workplace inspections with Sine

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on July 9, 2020

Workplace inspections are an important part of any workplace health and safety management system. Regular workplace inspections can help identify and manage risks to help prevent work-related injuries and illness.

However, even the most comprehensive workplace inspection checklist can be ineffective if there is not an adequate system in place to ensure the accurate and regular completion of that checklist.

Further, how can you ensure that compliance standards are maintained consistently across multi-site operations?

Luckily, this is where Sine Workflows can help!

Today we’ll look at how Sine can be used as a crucial tool to manage inspections and establish a robust workplace health and management system.

Let’s begin…

Key elements of a workplace inspection program

Every workplace is unique and faces different risks. There is no one size fits all inspection checklist. To ensure a comprehensive and robust checklist is implemented it is best to develop one in consultation with workgroup representatives.

When looking at your workplace and assessing risks, consider:

  • Environmental factors, including noise, vibration, lighting, temperature and ventilation
  • Equipment, including tools and materials
  • Work processes, including the various elements workers, interact with as they undertake a task or operation

By consulting with stakeholders such as health and safety representatives, managers, workers and other relevant people on your worksite you can ensure you gain a well-rounded understanding of the risks your site faces.

Once you have compiled your list of risks that will form your inspection program, consider the appropriate methods and procedures that should be undertaken to aid the mitigation of these risks. These may include:

  • periodic inspections of equipment
  • initial startup inspections
  • walk-around of mobile equipment before use
  • regular supervisor inspections
  • regularly scheduled departmental inspections

Managing your workplace inspection program

The administrative burden of managing a workplace health and safety program can be significant, especially when you need to responsibly manage a high number of sites or remote locations.

These programs are designed to minimise risks in the workplace. However, when the administrative burden of managing the program becomes increasingly onerous, this too can become a risk in itself as requirements and procedures slip through the cracks.

With Sine Workflows, you can remove this administrative burden by automating inspection processes and compliance tracking.

Inspection forms

Workflows make inspection forms simple, allowing you to implement entirely digital forms that can be completed directly through a computer, iPad or mobile device.

Inspection checklists can be built in Workflows, enabling a variety of input fields for staff undertaking inspections. These can be text, multiple-choice, date-based or even the option to snap a photo using a phone and directly upload it to the form.

With Workflows, you can also include digital signing methods for inspectors to sign off on the completion of a checklist.

Incident report and inspection checklist

Automatically prompt completion and compliance

It’s all well and good to develop a schedule for the completion of workplace inspections, but who has time to track when these inspections have expired and arrange for new ones to be undertaken?

Workflows enable you to set custom expiration dates and prompt for the completion of workflows.

When an inspection is set to expire, a prompt will be sent directly to the relevant person to complete the inspection once more.

Simple access to the most up to date checklist

Requirements and worksites change, and so too must your inspection checklists.

Ensure the most up to date checklist is always completed by providing direct access to these when your inspectors step on site.

push notification advising contractor to complete workplace inspection checklist

When your staff enter a geofenced site, Workflows can be triggered automatically. A push notification is sent to their device, prompting to complete the inspection checklist for that location.

Alternatively, staff can scan and access the latest checklist using QR code posters displayed on site

Instant audit trail

Remove unnecessary risks from your compliance process with an instant, digital audit trail of your workplace health and safety management program.

Completed checklists are instantly logged in your system and accessible to everyone who needs to see them.

If you need to reference or investigate a past inspection, the Sine Dashboard allows you to quickly see every checklist completed and the exact date, time and person who undertook the inspection.

monitor compliance from the sine web dashboard

At the end of the day, a workplace health and safety management system is only as effective as the processes in place to ensure its completion. Sine Workflows can simplify and streamline your workplace inspections to help you manage and maintain compliance obligations.

Want to simplify your compliance? Book a demo today with our team to see how Sine Workflows can streamline inspections for your business.