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3 challenges of managing visitors multi location

Three challenges of managing visitors as a multi-location business

By Stacey AveryCustomer Success
Published on July 1, 2017


Managing visitors to a business in a single location can be challenging enough, but what if you’re a business that needs to manage them across multiple locations? If you’re not overly fussed about your processes and your visitor experience being consistent across your brand, then this probably wouldn’t bother you too much. But, if that’s the case, you’re probably not here reading this blog either. For everyone else, here are three challenges multi-location businesses face.

1. One business. One solution

Multi-site businesses need a solution that will work in multiple locations, not just in one. They need a visitor management solution that is flexible and can take into account the distinct demands of the different worksites or office locations whilst giving users the same experience across the board, regardless of where they are, without needing expensive customisations.

2. Catering to different sign-in requirements.

There are many reasons why different worksite or office locations may have different sign-in requirements. A research and development centre for example, may call for all who enter to sign a non-disclosure agreement, while a regional office would have no such requirement. Multi-site businesses need a digital visitor management solution that can both provide and request location-specific information relevant to the location the visitor is attending.

3. Reporting across space and time

Could you imagine the nightmare of having reports from different sites coming through, each formatted differently to the last, which have to be manipulated into one succinct report for presentation? A multi-site business needs to be able to access data from each of its sites quickly, easily, and in the same format regardless of where that data is coming from.

Sine’s digital visitor management software is the single solution that tackles all of these challenges head on. Sine can be deployed across multiple locations with a level of flexibility that allows it to cater to the different requirements of different sites whiles still being able to aggregate the data from each of those sites into clear, succinct, and easy to read reports.

That’s three challenges of hosting visitors at multi-location business. To see Sine for yourself, book a demo today.