Hybrid workplace model

Our best work from home (WFH) tips for hybrid teams in 2022

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on February 18, 2022

The hybrid work model is something that we’re all no stranger to – especially as we begin 2022. A lot of businesses are choosing a flexible work model for their employees, which means that some are in the office while others work remotely from home.

Regardless of how you choose to manage the hybrid model for your business, it can be challenging to adapt to employees who are working from home. How can you ensure they’re staying productive and that all of their needs are met when it comes to their position?

We’ve compiled this list of our top five work from home tips for your hybrid team. Implement these into your plan and you’re sure to succeed!

1. Put trust in your employees

The plain and simple truth is if you don’t trust your employees to work from home then it’s not likely the initiative is going to be successful.

Rather than trying to track every hour or every minute of someone’s day, try using deadlines or milestones to get an idea of how your team is using their time. If employees are getting their tasks done as you have requested and reaching company goals, then it’s likely they’re being productive with their time.

Putting trust in your employees is essential to them doing their job as best as they can. If they feel you trust them then they’re going to want to get things done. And to a high standard as well!

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2. Always offer opportunities for connection

Working from home can be isolating for some people. Especially if they aren’t regularly given the chance to connect with the rest of their team.

You might have scheduled weekly meetings with your teams, or even multiple a week. This is a great way to stay consistent and ensure the opportunity for connection is always available.

Team members should also be encouraged to book time with one another in order to connect outside of regularly scheduled meetings.

Additionally, it can be a great idea to schedule time with remote teams that isn’t related to work. A social hour can be just what you need to bring everyone together and help them to get to know one another. The closer your team becomes the better they will work together in the long run.

3. Work with employees to create the hybrid work model

Rather than simply setting the rules yourself, consider getting employees involved in the process of structuring the hybrid work model in your workplace. No single hybrid work model will work for each and every organization, so it’s up to you to co-create your model with everyone involved in your company.

Ask about their preferences so you can get an idea of what’s most important to them. This will help to ensure employees are satisfied with how things are being run and that they won’t end up feeling frustrated or resentful.

Company culture and team morale are sure to be boosted. Remember, happy employees mean a happy workplace!

4. Remind everyone to block off whitespace

Whitespace is time that’s used to get work done that requires a lot of focus. If you don’t schedule this time in, it’s easy to find yourself bouncing between tasks or answering to coworkers when you’re trying to get something specific done.

Having this set time aside is always a good idea so you can ensure your important tasks get completed to your best potential.

You should encourage employees to schedule whitespace into their weeks. Doing so will help them to know that blocking time off to get things done is more than ok. They’re sure to feel supported as they navigate their daily tasks and contribute to the team.

5. Embrace all things virtual

This one might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but a hybrid model is only going to be truly successful if everyone is on board with going virtual. It’s how you’re going to connect with everyone in one place after all.

Think about what technologies are going to best suit the needs of both your online and in-person team members and ensure that everyone is ready to embrace it. The better you set your team up for success with an easy to use platform and proper training, the more likely you are to connect, grow, and thrive within your business.

Next steps for your hybrid team

Staying on top of these tips is a sure way to reap the many benefits remote work has to offer for both employees and business owners. Employees are going to love the flexibility and support the work from home model has to offer, while business owners are sure to see improved productivity and a company culture made to thrive.

For more information on how to juggle the stressors of work-life balance, check out our guide to hybrid work.