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What is office management software?

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on December 22, 2020

What does your office environment look like in today’s world? Is it a place where visitors and employees feel comfortable coming into each day? Is it a place that feels secure and organized? 

Office management software could be just what your office needs to improve data security, mobility, disaster recovery and cost-effectiveness. Before you can truly determine if office management software is a fit for your needs, however, it’s important to first understand it!

Understanding office management software

Office management software is a broad term that can be used to capture a variety of different software solutions used in an office or workplace environment. They work to juggle the many tasks that go along with a business all at once and can automate or augment the existing manual processes in the workplace.

Common systems and processes covered by office management software 

Office management software has many different areas that it can be used in. Some of the most common include: 

  • Visitor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Employee Management
  • Asset Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Finance and Billing

The benefits of cloud-based office management software 

Aside from being adaptable to so many areas, office management software comes with many great benefits. 


Office management software is great for your wallet. Without equipment to purchase and maintain, running the applicable systems ends up costing much less than other available options. 

Since there is no investment to make in hardware, utilities, or facilities the CAPEX costs are greatly reduced. 

Advanced data security 

One of the biggest concerns that many businesses of today face is data security. Data breaches and cybercrimes have become more and more common which causes a plethora of problems for the businesses and people involved. 

ensure data privacy with a digital visitor logbook

Office management software provides advanced security features that better protect important data. Authentication, encryption and access control can all be taken care of under a cloud storage provider. 

Scalable solutions

Different sizes of businesses require different IT solutions, which makes scalability an important feature for office management software. Enterprises can quickly scale up or scale down their IT departments depending on business needs. 


One of the best perks of office management software is that you can access it from anywhere! There’s no need to schedule maintenance times or meet in person to set up new accounts. 

This is particularly important given social distancing and work from home measures that have been put in place due to COVID-19. Anyone can access the information they need from just about anywhere. 

Disaster recovery and backups

Losing data can be devastating but is a problem that is easily solved with the use of cloud-based data storage. Putting the proper software and processes in place can make a big difference in loss prevention, and helps to make sure that data is always available. Even during times when equipment fails. 

cloud data backups

Streamline the workplace with office management software from Sine

If you’re feeling ready to turn to office management software and reap its many benefits, Sine is the perfect solution with many advantages. 

Visitor management

The free Sine Pro mobile app allows visitors to quickly check in and out within a virtual perimeter. Processes are made entirely contactless which helps to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and strengthens overall safety and security. 

Contractor management 

Contractors gain access to either iPad check-in or the Sine free smartphone apps at site. All healthy and safety and company induction related information can be easily displayed on all devices. Contractors can also confirm when they have returned keys, filed incident reports, completed checklists and more. 

Managers can be alerted each time a contractor arrives on a remote site using the robust platform for tracking time and attendance. 

Compliance management 

Sine takes care of chasing qualifications and keeping your workforce compliance up to date. You can ensure only approved contractors or visitors enter your site after they have completed the relevant workflow. 

By automating the process, you take the hassle out of getting inductions completed, including pre-screens with COVID-19 questions. 

Employee management 

Employees need a safe place to work, especially in today’s world. Sine helps to provide this safe environment as contract tracing of all visitors, contractors work and staff management all becomes automated. Time management, attendance, payroll and check-ins can also all be managed from the easy to use platform. 

COVID-19 solutions 

Returning to work isn’t easy in the current climate, but it is certainly made easier with Sine. 

Pre-screening before arrival, contactless sign-in, contact tracing, and capacity can all be managed from the Sine dashboard. You can minimise unnecessary contact in the workplace and monitor attendance using simple QR code posters. 

All employees and visitors can check-in and out and have their times recorded automatically. This helps to eliminate the need for multiple people touching multiple surfaces and keeps all of the recorded information safe and secure. 

With so many capabilities all in one software platform, Sine is helping tons of businesses to stay secure, mobile, cost-efficient, and more.

If you’re looking to try out Sine’s many great features for office management, book a demo now.